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  1. 805gregg

    Triumph DS is happening

    Triumphs new 800cc 465 lb dual sport is comming soon. 95 hp, from that great triple engine.They didn't mention a price, but it's got to be cheaper than the over engineered BMW. Now we need Honda and Yamaha to answer and the duel sport market will be alive again. I'd love to see a 400 lb 800cc DS.
  2. 805gregg

    Buckstop Bumper

    I just received my new Buckstop bumper. All I can say is this is the best designed bumper I've ever seen. It's just beautiful, the workmanship and finish is as good on any after market items I've ever seen. The powder coat is flawless, the packaging for shipping is perfect, everything arrived in...
  3. 805gregg

    Toyota now

    Are any of you Toy, guys at all concerned that Toyota, is heading toward disaster, and the value of your Toyota with it? My son tried to sell his 2003 Corrella S, and no takers. His car is fine and has caused him no problems, except lack of excitement.
  4. 805gregg

    Replacement larger diesel tanks

    I have a 2003 Dodge, quad cab, long bed, SRW, 4X4 anyone put a bigger fuel tank on theirs? Or have a good recommendation, for aftermarket diesel fuel tanks?
  5. 805gregg

    No more Toyotas

    Toyota has suspended sales of most models of their '09-'10 models, that's on top of 2 recent recalls, 4.3 million, and 2.3 million. I guess they don't want anymore runaway acceleration crashes (over 2000) or deaths (19).
  6. 805gregg


    Just a thought, I have a galvanized boat trailer, that lives in salt water, I've had a lot of problems getting u bolts, or other bolts getting stuck. Now I apply anti sieze to every bolt and use SS nuts. I'm building a kayak/ motorcycle trailer, and I now anti sieze to all the SS lock nuts. Just...
  7. 805gregg

    BMW Adventure Bikes

    I was in the neighborhood so I stopped off at the Ventura BMW dealer. They were open and had a few bikes, I was looking to see if they had any used F800GS's no luck. But they did have a nice 1200GSA for $19,000 and a couple of new F800gs's for $13,000 and $14,000. Wow expensive, How can the Japs...
  8. 805gregg

    Friend for BMW riders

    A good reason to invite your DL riding friend when you ride your 1200GS
  9. 805gregg

    Funny video

    Here's a great video from a VFR site
  10. 805gregg

    Trip to Baja - Aug 4, 2007

    Not really and expedition, but my wife and I will be taking our Jeep liberty to Baja for 2 weeks starting on 8/4/07. We are heading down east coast by Gonzaga Bay, then on to GN and then off on to the west coast to Turtle Bay and points south. If anyone is going to be down there about that time...