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  1. explore_ak

    Badlands pro motorcycle jacket XL

    I have a new condition badlands pro jacket size XL. Bought in late 2016. By the time I got around to riding and wearing it was to large. Bought the same one in Large. Asking $550 obo. Still crunchy like a new jacket. Only worn riding maybe three times. Located near Washington DC.
  2. explore_ak

    Hdj81 fair price

    Hey there group! I have my eyes, and now a deposit on a 1993 hdj81 with 144k miles on it. Pictures show this thing being very clean both inside and out. Just wanted to see what your opinions on an asking price of $22k were. Is that typical for an important? I know it’s got a diesel. But they...
  3. explore_ak

    2014 Ducati Multistrada Pikes Peak

    I want to see if there's any interest in my MS on here. I bought this bike brand new in 2014 from The Motorcycle Shop in Anchorage, AK. I have since put a whopping 3k miles on it...yes you read that right. I have put TKC 80 tires on it which have approximately 300 miles on them, and a full...
  4. explore_ak

    Agile or ujoint

    All things being equal, would you rather have the independent I beam 4x4 of the agile? Or the solid axle of the ujoint conversions..
  5. explore_ak

    Diesel vs gas engine for camping and General purpose

    Hello folks. I’ve done some searching around the forum on this topic, but also wanted to see what new products might be available that haven’t been covered before. I am looking at doing a 4wd conversation on a either an e350 diesel or e250 gas van. It would be a multi purpose rig. Put a...
  6. explore_ak

    Mastodon motors?

    I've been trying to find a 4 door g wagon and had found some info on mastodon and was trying to get in touch with them to see an inventory list. All my attempts have been unsuccessful. Does anyone know if they are still around? And can you provide some kind of contact information. Thanks!