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    Team Poland Visit The Minority Racer In Guanajuato Mexico UNESCO World Tour 2014-2017

    Team Poland Adam & Beata visit The Minority Racer on their world tour. Thank you for stopping by and hope your enjoyed the Bongo style tour of colonial GTO Mexico. Adam and Beata are leading on the UNESCO World Tour competition Congrats Adam & Beate. Godspeed on the rest...
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    The Ultimate Rally Movie Now In Production! THE ULTIMATE RACING BET!

    After many years of extreme hard work, a well known international film and production company has made a smart investment in the Ultimate Rally, a unique film about the real truth about racing and putting everything on the line to make things happen! This film debuts in 2015 in the Americas...
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    4x4 Offroads Interview: Maya Rally Driver jumps into the movie world in a UK film

    Something different but still involving some automobile and exploration action! Exploring Gatwick and Russia was very interesting! Next stop Mexico and Southern Norway! Thank you for your support. More updates soon :costumed-smiley-007 Click here to read the article where Thrandur...
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    Multiplatform Minority Racers Join Forces To Race The Score Baja 250

    Mexican American underdog racers unite to take on the SCORE Baja 2013 Season and represent the folks of Michoacan & Guanajuato Mexico, Norway and Laredo, Texas.” :costumed-smiley-007 - Click here to read PRESS RELEASE ON 4x4 OFFROADS Life is all about making the right choices, the...
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    Ultimate Rally 2013 Race Events - A Dream Come True for every adventure seeking racer

    Hola Amigos, We have been contracted by PURA® (Planet Ultimate Rally Association), a private elite race group, who is organizing a couple of private unique road/off road rally race events starting off from secret locations in south Texas and southern California and ending up in secret locations...
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    Recreational Sporting Gear for the Kids of Calderones and Cajones Guanajuato, GTO

    Amigos, Posting this with the permission of Christian P. :sombrero: Dont forget to pick up some recreational sporting gear in the USA or along the way (if not don't worry you can purchase something at the Commercial Mexicana Store in Guanajuato before we head up there, we plan on making a...
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    Anyone interested in shipping their vehicule from Laredo Tx to Guanajuato?

    Talked to my uncle who helped us before to ship some rally cars for WRC Mexico in 2011 in an enclosed trailer, Fast and secure delivery. He quoted me a very good roundtrip price from Laredo Texas - Guanajuato for this event. :sombrero: So if anyone is interested pm me. 3 vehicles fit in the...
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    Compact Rally Recovery Gear by MASTER PULL

    Just wanted to share that we recently received the new "Alex Special" MASTER PULL Rally Recovery gear for use in our FIA homologated Pug in the Americas and in Europe, as well as the M4000 kit that we plan on using for our Jeep Speed/Ultra rig, and our classic 1972 K5 show truck. Pictured...
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    Transporting rigs from Laredo, Texas to Guanajuato, GTO and Tuxtla, GTZ back to TX

    Hola Amigos, Just wanted to let any teams know that if they need to transport their rigs, we will be transporting ours via Laredo, Texas with my uncle's transporting company. PM me for more details. The more rigs the cheaper it gets. 3 cars fit in a 53 ft cargo box.