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    Hey what is your favorite winter tire (for canadian winters)

    Looking to go to a 235/85/16 dedicated winter tire this for some new rims I picked up. Currently on 245 /75 nokian rotiva plus all weather tires they are 60% now so will keep them for summer. My e250 has 2.25 lift btw. So what winter tires do you like??
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    Spotted SMB in Nvan

    Just saw this really nice SMB hardtop from Colorado at the end of my street in the holiday Inn park lot here in North Vancouver BC Is it anybody from here?
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    hot water system BOSS XCw20

    So here is a little story.. I purchased localcally at Princess auto Online the on demand xb13 , the simplest shower system from mr heater. I tested it and took it camping and it just kept failing to work . I tried chaing batteries , re levelling it etc and gave up. I returned it to the closest...
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    E250 2wd suspension upgrade

    Hi I'm finally going to beef up my suspension On my 2002 e250 rb camper van This is my plan. Rear helper leaf spring to get it level ish and 2 inch lift block Right now my rear is sagging about 1.5-2 inches due to my new custom bumper ,North Shore bike rack and 135 lbs of new Agm...
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    Got my new custom bumper !

    4 cubic feet of lockable storage
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    Lokking for an AGM 4d battery in British Columbia

    Does anybody know of a source for these? I have been looking online and cant find a supplier in CANADA
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    New tires , not my choice..

    Got up at 2am went out at 45mins later to drive noticed a hissing on a neighbours car tire. I though well that suck for him... Got to work found i had a flat in progress. Couple hours later called out in house mechanic to fix my tire he calls back and informs me left front is also flat now...
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    need recommendations on 2wd lift e250

    So I am loving my my pop up traverse van. However I would like/need a few more inches of clearance. My propane tank has 8 inches of clearance. I know from what Ive read so far that a 2 inch lift is most cost effective and I would happy with that. So max lift blocks or new springs etc. Its 2002...
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    My new me Ford 2002 traverse e250 2wd

    I just bought this Van in July 80000 miles on it and minty and garage kept. Has furnace,fridge,on demand hot water,cold water,wifi controlled lights. It's a 2002 100 km ish garage kept by previous owner and has instant hot water upgrade and core racing mag wheels. So far I have list of mods...