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    12V chainsaw

    Does anyone make, or has anybody here ever heard of a 12V chainsaw? I am not interested in cordless (don't need the dead battery at the wrong time issue) or gas powered (makes the Jeep smell funny inside). I picture a 12V version wired up with a 20 foot or so cord that plugs into my quick...
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    Of Dust and Sunstones - a SE Oregon adventure

    So, this a semi-maiden voyage for the recently semi-completed early Bronco adventure trailer. The trailer build thread is here: Anyway, we left Bend on Friday morning with our final destination for the day...
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    Early Bronco Expo Trailer Build

    I've been tinkering with building an off-road camping tent trailer for use behind my early Bronco for several months now. It isn't done yet, but I've made enough progress to start a build thread and post a few pictures. First, a shot of my tow vehicle - a 1975 Bronco with countless goodies...