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  1. JSBriggs

    BBC look at 1953 Everest Expedition

    Not quite vehicle based travel, but interesting none the less. -Jeff
  2. JSBriggs

    Can I make this work?

    Here is what I have. Its a 4x8 platform made with 3x3 1/4'" angle. . I want it to be as versatile as possible as both a utility and a camping trailer. I eventually want to weld up a box for it, but its looking like its going to be a while before I get a welder. So I figured I would see...
  3. JSBriggs

    What size tubing?

    Im starting on my 4x8 utility/camping trailer and am wondering what size tubing to make the box out of. The frame is 1/4" 3x3. Here is a pic of what Im starting with. I think I want to put the box tubing on the inside of the perimeter so that it is supported underneath by the frame rather...