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  1. dcguillory

    **SOLD** James Baroud Grand Raid XXL

    Bought it lightly used to try out the RTT thing. Tried it for one trip. I would rather just sleep in my 80. If my wife would ever go anywhere with me I would keep it. Couple black marks on top that you could buff out if that's what you are into. Everything else is in near perfect shape. No rips...
  2. dcguillory

    Quick trip to pick up a DR650 so I can join the ADV crowd

    Passing by any of you folks? Will try to get there (Montrose CO) and back in 3 days. It's mostly the 50 if you can't tell from the map.
  3. dcguillory

    School me about Sikaflex?

    Really wondering why this name is used above the thousand other caulk brands and what type you use for your metal applications.
  4. dcguillory

    What other vehicles can swap wheels with my E350

    Bout to have my rims painted but thought I would look around at CL and see what is out there. Any advice?
  5. dcguillory

    ** GOT EM THANKS** WTB Scepter Fuel Cans

    Looking for 4 of these. Will pay shipping if your willing to ship. Ok I'm GTG now thanks for the responses
  6. dcguillory

    SMB does VWs?

    When I dropped off my van yesterday I saw this. Interesting . . . . Click on the pics and it will take you to the video This was much more interesting heh. Thats my oldest daughter that shows up there. Is that her regular outfit or a costume? Hmmmm
  7. dcguillory

    Introducing . . . . . Father AbraVan!

    HA! If you don't already know I have 7 children (and counting). I was so excited to finally think up a name, after a month of mental grinding on the subject, that I just had to post. Ok, I will go out side and take some pix and talk about my ideas. WOOHOO a name!
  8. dcguillory

    Sliding door clearance

    My local fab shop is going to take a shot at extending the standoff distance of the slider on my van. Are you Fabbers (?) able to give any tech info that will make the job more likely to succeed? My future in a 4X4 van depends on it!! On a side note, I talked to a buddy about buying his 2000...