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  1. a_deo_k

    2003 Ford e350 Chateau van 7.3 diesel 4wd

    Wrapping up another van Here is a link to the CL ad
  2. a_deo_k

    7.3 EB E350 Mg Metalworks 4x4 Swap

    Here are some pics of my 7.3. My good buddy B Dyer turned me onto the Mg Metalworks set up. B and our pal Conrad helped me swap out the axles at his shop and I finished the conversion in mine. I bought the van from a retired auto shop teacher. It was by far the cleanest eb 7.3 I could...
  3. a_deo_k

    2000 Ford E350

    Our Land Cruiser is great for hauling 2 people and a few weeks of gear, but it gets tight when the entire family of 4 + gear + dog packs in. Solution an e350!
  4. a_deo_k

    It’s a 55/80/100

    Here are some pics of my Cruiser. I sell cruiser parts. (Cruiserjunktion) This “hybrid” Toyota was built from 3 wrecks. It rolls on a complete locked 80 chassis and has a 100 series drivetrain. I’ve put just over 40k miles on the build, driving from Florida all over the USA. I’ll be...