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  1. Series1Rangie

    Flip-Pac Interior Build

    I'm cross posting from my Tundra thread. I am planning on building out the bed of the truck to make access to gear when at camp and traveling much easier. We have put about 30 nights in the flippac, and have come up with our needs. We need easy access to chairs and tables for camp setup. We...
  2. Series1Rangie

    TUNDOKA Another Gen1 Tundra "build"

    I just picked up an 06 double cab Tundra with flippac off of this forum. Took the overnight train from SLC to Truckee. I really like traveling by train. Breakfast was served with a view. Met up with the seller in the middle of a blizzard, so the whole test drive was done in 4wd. I found the...
  3. Series1Rangie

    Land Rover parts train

    Need help moving an upper tailgate for a RRC from Kansas City to Overland Expo. Anyone have some room that wants to help me out? Thanks, MMM