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  1. Sparse Gray Hackle

    Current Reviews for Free Spirit RTT

    I’m thinking about a RTT to go on a 5’ truck canopy. Does anyone have real world experience with Free Spirit? Ease of setup/take down, quality of construction, longevity/wear, customer support? I’ve watched a few folks on YouTube talk them up, but they seem to have a dog in the fight in terms...
  2. Sparse Gray Hackle

    Camping Tents

    I’m thinking about downsizing from a small camper, going back to a tent and cot (for an old man’s comfort). I haven’t bought a new tent in at least 25 years. Because I want a cot, my guess is I’m needing at least a 4 person, maybe a 6 person. It will be me and a couple of dogs. I’m looking...
  3. Sparse Gray Hackle

    Waterproof Upland Hunting Pants

    I’m looking for a pair of good quality, breathable waterproof pants for chasing chukar and Huns. They need to be quiet and give me decent flexibility for tromping around the hills. Durable as well as comfortable. I’m tired of getting my butt wet when I sit down for a breather, and I don’t...
  4. Sparse Gray Hackle

    Beemer Chef???

    Has anyone heard anything from or about Ara Gureghian? I enjoyed his writing, but haven’t seen anything from him in several years.
  5. Sparse Gray Hackle

    Who makes 'Expedition' trailers?

    I'm aware of trailers like the AT Chaser and Horizon, and the Ruger trailers, but who else produces a quality trailer of this type? I'm not interested in Teardrops or other trailers that provide a place to sleep, but just something for hauling extra gear/fuel, the camp kitchen, maybe a...
  6. Sparse Gray Hackle

    For sale - 2013 FWC Grandby $18,250

    Located in the Portland area. Excellent condition. Avoid a 15 week wait for a new camper. I would consider a Bobcat, Fleet or Eagle in trade. Looking for a shell only if available. Ad with photos on Portland Craigslist.