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  1. Dake21

    Please school me on Suburban

    Hey all, Wife and I are planning on having a 4th child so obviously I'll need a bigger vehicle. I'm pretty much set on suburbans, they seem reliable and have the most room you could get vs the competition. I'm looking at years 2009 - 2012 because my budget is under 10k. Is there anything to...
  2. Dake21

    TJ vs JK, best bang for the buck?

    Vague title, so let me explain. My wife will start having a steady (and much better) income within the next year. She'd like to ''get a small jeep'', most likely 2 doors, for more or less driving daily and some offroading when time permits. It will be mostly driven on nice summer days. I...
  3. Dake21

    2013 Grand Vitara

    Well at last I managed to get some money to spare. I bought the ironman 2'' lift and put it on the zook. I happily sit at the clearance I wish I had just from factory, which is 10''. I was thinking about the RRO lift at first but opted for the ironman lift for for stiffer springs and larger...
  4. Dake21

    BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 winter

    I'm considering these tire for the winter. I want to keep an A/T pattern since the hunting camp road isn't always plowed. The BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 have the snow peak on it (This is what is required in provinces that requires you to have winter tires during the winter.) but I'm...
  5. Dake21

    Unimog back to Canada What do you guys make of this? I've never seen one around in the 4 provinces I've been. I wish regulation would be updated so we can use them on highways as well.