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  1. newhue

    Give me your best 3 hikes...please

    Hi, as the title says I'm hoping to work a bit smarter and utilise local knowledge instead of endless reading. Some back ground, My wife and I are planning a 6 months tour of Western USA in the future. We will be taking in California, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Eastern Nevada, Idaho, Oregon...
  2. newhue

    Can it be done, (THE BUILD) a little back country trip to the USA

    Hi, I have a thread of smiler name in the back country planning section, but that's for planning. I thought this would be where "the build" part goes. In short-I have a dream; to rebuild the ol Tdi, bring it to the US, holiday in it with the family seeing the USA's best back country the west...
  3. newhue

    My Tdci 130 set up

    Hi, here is my 2010 130 Tdci. I have built this for many years of traveling around Australia in mind. We have done two 5 week central Australia desert crossings, one being the very remote Madigan line. And a trip to the Victorian high country. We also get away camping a fair bit on weekends...