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  1. tacogrande


    This is an older video when it still had 33" tires on it, but it gives you an idea of the acceleration. That was flat to the floor with a rolling start. You won't win any races, but you can safely merge or pass a truck in a reasonable distance. This is a walk around from ten minutes ago...
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    I'll cover the ticket to fly out if you'd like. Atlanta to Pasco, Wa is only a few hundred bucks. Then you can take the T.A.T. dirt roads home and have an adventure!
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    I washed and waxed it today, cleaned windows, and the wifey vacuumed out the inside. I also remembered I put a new power steering pump and pressure hose in and also new mirrors. The paint isn't perfect. There are some rock chips on the nose of the hood, normal brush scratches and dings, etc...
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    Thanks. I forgot to mention I just had the A/C recharged and it works better than in my brand new truck. Seriously, ice cream headache cold compared to a new vehicle. They really don't build them like this anymore.
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    This 1991 FJ80 is like a member of the family and I am reluctantly putting her up for sale. I drive it once a week to work to keep the fluids moving, other than that it mostly just sits. I would hop in it right now and drive to Alaska without concern. It has had all of the weak spots...
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    80-Series CB radio and ICE installation queries

    Beer and time. Taking the dash apart is a test of will. Once the dash panel is out the factory stereo is held in by five screws (don't forget the one behind the ashtray!). There are some write ups on mud, but it's pretty obvious once you start poking at it.
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    80-Series CB radio and ICE installation queries

    I think fronts are 6.5 and the rears are 4". Some of them have a factory 5.5" subwoofer too.
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    80-Series CB radio and ICE installation queries

    I just put a Sony head unit in mine. The Toyota pigtail adapter is plug and play, but a lot of people run their own speaker wire. I have a radio shack CB under it, and it fits with room to spare.
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    Going back to simple

    I have 285's and 4.88's and in my opinion it is perfect gearing. (I don't know what size the lift is, but it's not much) I have the old school 3FE, and the gearing really wakes the old girl up. It actually has enough power to pass trucks on the highway, and does well in low range in the snow.
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    ExPo 80 Series Registry

    1. '91 FJ80 with the mighty 3FE 2. Logan/Tacogrande 3. Had it almost two weeks, first LC 4. 168K or so 5. ARB lockers are nice 6. DD when it's too cold for the bike, and exploring the West 7.
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    Is a 100 series the right vehicle for me?

    Just get one of these.
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    Full size crew (short bed) vs. Tacoma Double cab

    I have both an 05 Tacoma and an 08 2500HD. We take the tacoma on real "offroad" adventures, remote camping, and anytime there is deep unplowed snow, water crossings, etc. The duramax wins on long road trips as long as it doesn't include too much gravel like a summertime Yellowstone trip where...
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    Dirtmobile - A KTM 990 Build

    I put on FMF "Factory 4.1" dual slip ons and they are super loud, and the wifey complains of exhaust getting in her helmet due to the super short length. I installed the spark arrestors and they are much quieter. The FMF "Q" series is considerably longer...and more quiet. Just a heads up.
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    Dirtmobile - A KTM 990 Build

    I went with the .66kg springs from slavens...really helped the front end a lot! I know that the valving primarily controls the dive under heavy braking, but the springs did far more than any comp/rebound adjustments did. You've got an awesome build going man!
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    Pictures of Expedition Motorcycles

    Here's my pile-
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    08 2500HD, cognito suspension up front, deaver springs in the rear riding on fox shocks. BMF wheels and nitto trail grappler tires. We mostly use it to tow a travel trailer, and sometimes just sleep in the bed.
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    '05 Tacoma long travel zombie response vehicle

    Here's a short video so you can see the suspension in action. Willing to negotiate on price, or trade straight across for the right rig.
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    '05 Tacoma long travel zombie response vehicle

    Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? Not in your stock rig you're not. This 2005 Toyota Tacoma ZRV is built tough and reliable and will get you there and back again, even if "there" is through a horde of flesh eating zombies. My no nonsense redneck engineering methods would take years of...
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    Tacoma Regear or Supercharge?

    I ran 3.73's with 33's for 65,000 miles on my 05 with the 6 speed manual without issue. Heck I briefly ran 37's on 3.73's and got around just fine (didn't use 6th gear much though). I'm currently running 4.88's with 37's and it is far too low for long range freeway use, and I wish I would have...