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    Jack, locrwlin did an interview on Truck Camper Adventure this past week.

    Jack is a legend already on this and other forums. He and his wife are living the dream. Check out his informative interview with Mike. One of the best I've read. jefe
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    Trip report: ARBORGEDDON

    EDIT: take 2. It was a wild one. Almost everything that could go wrong, went wrong. So many assumptions were false. Both campers, our 2020 Northstar Laredo SC, and Bro John's 2004 - 9.5 OUTFITTER! took a terrible beating. The only thing we did not have to worry about were the trucks. We have...
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    Trip Report: CA/NV border remote

    Trip Report remote CA/NV It’s good to live rural, but enough is enough. Jeanie and I have been holed up at our place during the Corona Virus Scare doing jobs around the spread like collecting, cutting, and splitting oak rounds...
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    Truck Camper Adventure magazine's Rally at Quartzsite AZ

    Go up one forum to hard side truck campers to Mundo4x4casa's (jefe) description of the truck camper rally just completed. There were 53 truck campers of all stripes, from 1k pound pop ups to 16k pound, 3-slide monsters on RAM 5500's and Ford F-550's, with everything in between. Here's a pic of...
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    Truck Camper Adventure Rally report, p. 2

    The campers covered a wide swath of camperdum: these were the dirty dozen plus two lined up for the run on the Bradshaw Trail: the first one is Tim's Northstar 650 on a lifted, bullet-proof 2007 Duramax: Pres's long 2001 F-350 with utility bed and 9 foot Alaskan. The Classic. The inside is like...
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    Truck Camper Adventure rally report

    The description, 'happy camper' has been redefined. Truck Camper Adventure has finally lived up to its namesake. It was an adventure. A good time was had by all. Part one of this Rally had 53 truck campers of all descriptions meeting and camping at a huge BLM set aside area called Road Runner...
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    At the moment I'm a persona non grata in Klubb XTC. For the last 3 months and the first time in 18 years Jeanie and i have no camper. There is definitely something missing in our lives but this will change next month when we pick up our 2020 Northstar Laredo SC at the factory in Iowa ordered...
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    My latest TC trip report is here I tried to download it on here but ran into the 10K character limit and it flew into ether. So it's on TCA instead. jefe
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    Jefe's Truck Camper Trek over the White Rim Trail and failed attempt at the Needles district

    After my first attempt at posting this trip report here ended in the piece going into ether, ostensibly because it had more than 10k characters, it has been posted on Truck Camper Adventure instead. Here's the link.
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    My new camper and truck ready for gnarly dirt roads

    O.K. it's humor, but we need some right now. We've been so into getting the weight down without loosing off road capabilities, this ad just popped out at me: It looks as if it has 2 propane tanks and a lot of storage. What is that jack holding up? Is that an E/W bed over the cab? I have...
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    Jefe and Jean's XTC search is over

    Alright! The…die…is…cast. After a long gestation period, and looking 1st hand over dozens of small hardside truck campers, the search has ended. We ordered a 2020 Northstar Laredo SC (self contained). After a good chat with Mike Smith @ Truck Camper Adventure and his bona fide experience with...
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    What stopped my hardside on Elephant Hill

    I'm still assembling pix of our whirlwind trip that included parts of Canyonlands N.P. including a fast trip over the White Rim Trail and an aborted attempt at Elephant Hill. Details will be in the T.R. but here is the defining reason to have a popup on the Elephant: the RF wheel of the truck...
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    The old gal is being put out to pasture.

    jefe here. This month, after reaching maturity on her 21st birthday, (built April 1998) our tried and true Lance 165-s is going to pasture. We've had a good run with her accumulating more than 240 glorious nights, "in the box". She's still amazingly sound and viable, but has a few old age flaws...
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    2 inch lift on your 2nd generation Subaru Crosstrek?

    It's finally time for Jeanie and I, a pair of septuagenarians to downsize our all weather, all season, all road traveling vehicle. We've had a parade of 4WD's over the past 1.7 million miles that fit the bill for that time. The one currently in my cross hairs (is that a pun?) is a 2019 Subaru...
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    What is the best year for the 100 series Land Cruiser?

    I owned an FJ-40 and an FJ-55 back in the day, and together assembled at least 250K miles on them. Every manufacturer has a golden period or two when all the stars align and the product is near perfection for that era. What model number and year(s) are the best for the 100 series L.C.? At...
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    2015 Lexus 460 GX raves or regrets?

    My daughter bought this one with 20K miles on the clock and it has good reviews all around, but many of these are 'not-user' reviews and only serve to make the brand look good. As a long time 4WD person (13, 4WD's including an 1966 FJ-40; Canyonlands UT, 1971. the kid in the pic is now 49 years...
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    Will the real Commando please come forward SOLD AUG. 23RD

    I read the piece about a new Commando above, and will have to say it's cultural appropriation. I have the real Commando, and it's a California car without rust. With AMC taking over the helm of the Jeep line from Kaiser by the 1972 year, their car engineers, in their infinite wisdom, decided to...
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    Royal Truck Body 'low profile' replacement truck bed for use with a truck camper?

    Has anyone on here used a Royal Truck Body replacement 'low profile' truck body with wall to wall storage? My plumber came over to fix something and came in his 2000 F-350 4WD SRW diesel with this body: Of course I was immediately interested in getting the specs on this. 49 inches between...
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    jefe and bro John's wild TC adventure in the Anza Borrego Desert.

    We're just back from a 10-day, 1300 mile round trip to the Anza Borrego Desert in So. Cal. We covered a lot of territory, mostly on 2-track washes. It is a particularly dry year there so the bloom failed to materialize. This was about it; But we knew that going in and just wanted to test the...
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    My quest for entry into the TC

    It seemed so simple. Just use the scissor stairs that came with the rig. But, what do you do if you lift the truck? What do you do if the lower back wall of the camper has enough rot that the bolts won't hold the scissor stairs on anymore? What other options do we have? When i lifted the truck 3...