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  1. Ranchero

    WTB: Nemo Asashi

  2. Ranchero

    WTB: Nemo Asashi

  3. Ranchero

    WTB: Nemo Asashi

    Looking for a Nemo Asashi in good condition...
  4. Ranchero

    2007 Ford E350 Quigley 4x4

    Parts van, no title, $20k !
  5. Ranchero

    Fuso FG 4x4 Custom Expedition Vehicle Build

    Is your breaker panel a Blue Sea? Thanks so much, again, for posting your build. It's an inspiration.
  6. Ranchero

    NADA value on ER and GXV rigs?

    Dang! I ride a lot in other places, but the only one of those I've been to was Caliente. Trails right on the edge of town and the dirt jumps were fun! Neat town too.
  7. Ranchero

    NADA value on ER and GXV rigs?

    if you have excellent credit, try Big personal loans with no collateral/lien required. Low interest rates. What are some trails you have built?
  8. Ranchero

    Sold. XPCamper V1, 2011 Ford F350

    Congrats! I would have bought that in a second at that price two years ago.
  9. Ranchero

    Fuso FG 4x4 Custom Expedition Vehicle Build

    I did the same Froli system in my Transit build - love it! Loving your build. I thought my Transit would be the last build before retirement, but you're giving me second thoughts... Congratulations on the beautiful build and for sharing it with us!
  10. Ranchero

    Sold. XPCamper V1, 2011 Ford F350

    Wow! Great price.
  11. Ranchero

    Favor needed, anyone with a Vanagon or Eurovan Westy?

    Abitibi - my vanagon's canvas is 94" long at the base, 50.5" wide, the front is 44" tall at the edges an 43" tall in the center (concave at the base) and the hypotenuse (assuming a 90) - the length along the pop-top is 93.5"
  12. Ranchero

    SOLD••> 2017 EarthCruiser FX $175K - Super Clean, 15K miles, like new!

    Buyer got a great deal! Congrats on the sale!
  13. Ranchero

    How does everyone finance a used adventure van

    I usually pay cash, but a few years ago I hadn't saved enough for the truck I wanted. I used 3% unsecured loan with good credit. They don't care what you buy as long as your credit is great.
  14. Ranchero

    Sportsmobile 2018 Transit Quigley

    Takes about an hour of work to lower the parking brake mount so the seat will swivel.
  15. Ranchero

    LMTV with only 2,000 miles

    How much and where is it located? Is it currently registered?
  16. Ranchero

    Real MPGs for your rig?

    2017 Ford Transit High roof Quigley 4x4. Ecoboost v6. 15.4 mpg avg over 29000 miles.
  17. Ranchero

    SOLD: 2018 Ford Transit Quigley 4x4 Camper.

    Nice, clean, simple build. Love mine! Seems fairly priced. That is what similar near new Sprinters with simple builds are going for.