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    Axle question?

    What material is the Dana 44 axle shafts on a stock Rubicon TJ made from?
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    Engel $450 CL

    Not sure what size. Could be a good deal.
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    Engel MT45 $400 CL

    Craigslist posting Asheville, NC. Great deal for somebody.
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    Land Rover Print Ads

    I am trying to find original Land Rover Print Ads. Not trying to do a Rovers North thing. Just want ads put out buy Land Rover. Just trying to locate what publications they might be in. So far in my short time I have looked I found some in National Geographic August 1995 September 1995...
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    Washing winch line?

    I was wondering if anyone washes their winch line? I have seen rope washers for climbing rope and was wondering if anybody has used something like this mainly for synthetic winch line to get the grit and sand out to prolong the life? I have heard people throwing their climbing rope in the...
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    Tie Down Straps

    What are some dependable tie down straps? I am looking to use them on my rack so they would need to be UV stable. I was wondering what has been used, what to stay away from, and what you like. I don't mind cam buckle or ratchet. I will probably use a mixture. I was wondering if there are...
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    Snow Peak Tent Sale

    Snow Peak sent me a message and told to let others know about the sale they have going on. For those that might be interested.
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    Rack Cover I was wondering if anybody knows who makes the cover for the rack. I am wanting to find out more about its construction. What material, and if there are similar setups for other rigs. I know this is for a Mercedes LUVW or...