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    2017 Moby1 XTR 60" For Sale: SOLD

    Location: Chapel Hill, NC Price: $28K Manufactured: 11/2017 Weight: 3,500 lbs The Moby1 XTR is a custom build expedition trailer that sits perfectly at the intersection of comfort and ruggedness. This trailer is a later generation model, which used an upgraded door design, and has been upgraded...
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    Moby1 Going Out Of Business? Has Anyone Received A Deposit Return?

    I ordered a Moby1 XTR back in August of 2016. The original build time was 9-12 months. 12 months after ordering, the build time was pushed back 3-6 months. In March of this year, I was told "1 more month" every month that asked about delivery. Finally, I bought a used trailer and asked for a...