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  1. FourByLand

    Land Rover Discovery

    Taillight guards - $60 Safety Devices roof rack w/ flooring and Hella reverse lamp- $450 Cut for tent. Have piece just needs to be welded on. Roof rack ladder- $70 Owners Manual- ?? Center console rubber mats and other bits- $40 Rubber floor mats- $100 All parts located in...
  2. FourByLand

    Is Film Dead? (Darkroom)

    So, I have been spending quite a bit of time in the darkroom developing, processing and enlarging and I am addicted and feel that this is something I am very interested in doing long term and more than just a hobby. I know there are some highly qualified and well respected members here that are...
  3. FourByLand

    Norton. Grab some tissue.
  4. FourByLand

    For Sale: Mombasa RTT

    *****SOLD***** FOR SALE: 2008 Mombasa RTT Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Description: EXPEDITION ROOF TOP TENT Specs: MODEL NUMBER: RTT9007 (Olive Green Tent) Fabric: (Tent) 300D Rip-Stop Fabric w/PU Coating Inner Mattress: Foam 2.5in (H) x 94in (L) x 55in (W) / (open) Color:Forest Green...
  5. FourByLand

    LR3 Lift Kit

    Ready for tires and thinking of going to a larger size. Anyone have any info? Thanks
  6. FourByLand

    Coffee/ Tea Mugs

    Spawned from my other thread I was curious to see what other unique coffee/tea mugs were being used by such a unique group. I will post better pics later. Let's see what you have!
  7. FourByLand

    Let's see your Series Land Rover

    I wanted to start a thread cataloging the Series Rovers on this board and the modifications and repairs that have been made.
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    I'll have a Defender on the rocks, please!

    Shaken not stirred.
  9. FourByLand

    Tacoma Rubber Floor Mats 2005-2009

    FOR SALE: 2005-2009 Toyota Tacoma Floor Mats Location: Lancaster,California Description: Set of 4 (D-cab) -Stock Photo Price: $70.00 plus shipping OBO. Thanks!
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    Feel free to share your emotions.

  11. FourByLand

    Who loves lug nuts??

  12. FourByLand

    2005 Tacoma running boards

    I have a set of these if anyone is interested, Pics are available upon request. They are in good shape and will be shipped with the hardware required to install them. Price is $60.00 and that does not include shipping. Thanks,
  13. FourByLand

    I think I forgot to pack the Sippy cup!!!

    So my wife and I are expecting our first child and we are very excited to say the least, I know several of you camp with little ones and I wanted to start a thread where you could show off some of the parental outdoor gear that you are using since the little once are a huge part of what we all...
  14. FourByLand

    Roof top tent

    What's everyone using for bedding in their roof top tents? More specifically the Eezi-awn 1200. :26_13_1:
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    Passed a Gold Sportsmobile on the 14 Freeway on March 13th or 14th in Lancaster and was wondering if it was someone that was a member here... very nice indeed! :coffee:
  16. FourByLand

    Roof top tent mounting options.

    Thinking about mounting one on the forward section of my SD rack anyone have any input as to how the 1200 Eezi Awn would fit or other brand for that matter. Thanks
  17. FourByLand

    Steel wheels

    Found a cool pic and thought I would share... Hope the owner doesn't mind. :arabia:
  18. FourByLand

    South St. Vrain/ Coney Flatts 9/3/06

    I got a chance to take the Disco out this weekend and see some sights.
  19. FourByLand

    Chiva Falls 12 Aug 06

    Lindsay and I took a day trip up to Chiva falls and managed to get a little wet!
  20. FourByLand

    Galleries of Rovers, enjoy! :eatchicke