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    Conqueror Compact Cover Help!

    So the sun and weather has finally taken its toll on the top of my cover. I thought about having a new cover custom made but the bids have been around $600. So off to the drawing board. A local friend of mine has the same trailer with the same problem and has used Permadri Rubber coating made...

    Orvis boots for bigfoot.

    I have five pairs of Giant size 16 Orvis fly fishing felt bottom boots. I actually have a lot of boots still size 6-10 that are used that I have been selling quick locally but the 16's are hard to find a match for. If you know someone who is interested let me know. I will make you an awesome...


    My memories of fishing growing up with my Dad were catching Rainbow Trout up at our cabin. I remember it was slow, boring and I liked to run around playing in the trees until he said he caught one and would come to help pull it in or whack it on a rock to welcome it to being ready to become...

    Conqueror water caps pickup in Orlando

    So I contacted some guys on the SA 4x4 Community Forum. One of the guys there said he could walk in and buy them and his son is flying to Orlando in October and thinking that they are small enough that he could bring them with him on his flight. Anyone in that area that could get them from him...

    SPOT Generation 1

    I'm selling my SPOT 1 Satellite messenger and including the ram mount cradle for it. You'll need your own ram mounting arms/balls for it. $40 shipped CONUS.

    Possible M100 Rebuilt (No Affiliation)

    No Affiliation, just saw this on KSL

    Jeep JK Body and Frame

    No Affiliation, just saw this and thought it would be awesome for someone that was going to build something exactaly how they wanted it.

    m100 for sale

    Trailer for sale M100 Best Offer. In Utah two extra sets of tires and rims. Tailgate is cut out but there and can easily be welded back in. Needs a new hitch current one is not operational missing lock. Can ship at great price through my brother in laws company. Great starting point for...

    1968 applby

    No affiliation just saw this today

    Conqueror Water Tanks

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to monitor how much water you have left in your tanks on a trip? I am always thinking about how much water I am using but never know how much is left. I try to use one tank at a time, but then worry about the off balance weight. What do others due to keep...

    Extendable tounge on trailer?

    I am trying to figure out the hitch situation on my Conqueror Compact, the tonuge is too short and I cannot open my tire carrier and get into the back of the Jeep while the trailer is hooked up. I am fine with extending the tube and that was the original plan, but it is nice to the shorter...

    Portrait Shots (show us your best)

    everymiles a memory had a great idea to start off this thread so here it goes. Ill get my photos out of the way before the good ones start popping up. My 6 month old Ewan

    It has finally happend and im kind of sad

    Right here I hit 100,000 miles. Actually while rolling to a stop it hit 100,001

    Warn hub problems please help!

    The inner bearing blew up on my passenger side. Problem is when installing the new bearing it is loose inside. It is the right bearing becasue it is tight on the drivers side but not this onE. I think it is too beat up does anyone know where I can get this hub peice replaced? It is the part that...

    I have a lot to learn!

    SO I bought the 40D right before this trip and used the wide angle lens that I borrowed from Everymilesamemory. Here are some of the results. I know I have a lot to learn with the settings and what is going to happen depending on what settings I have the camera on. It was so windy here I had...

    Finally got to test the trailer out on rough trails

    We spent four days in the San Rafael Swell. There were some dirt roads that we could travel at 50mph and then there were some that required some technical driving skills and low range. My friend DaveW picked his compact up the weekend before the trip Gabby loved playing in the dirt...

    finally did it

    I bought a Canon 40d today with a kit lens to start, a couple of filters, a 1 gig card and a 64mb card and a magic lantern book for $450.00 I am giving my wife full responsibility of the power shot now. Need to learn how to actually use it and start saving money for better glass

    Conqueror trailer battery charging questions

    So I am getting ready to hook a charge wire to my 7 pin adapter. I am planning on using a 10 Gage wire straight from the battery. My question is that I have not looked very far into how the conqueror system is set up but wondering if it will charge when plugged into my jeep or does it go through...

    How to deal with putting your tent away when wet

    So the end of next month I am taking my trailer on it's first trip that we will be changing camp every night for four days. What I am wondering is how do you deal with the tent when putting it awAy if it is raining or if it has been raining? I have put it away in the rain before but just popped...

    Our family just got bigger

    Just added another explorer to the world Ewan Michael Burton 7lbs 6oz 20 in extracted at 9:22am photos will come later