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  1. FourByLand

    Land Rover Discovery

    These are the only items I have to offer. I would prefer to sell the rack locally.
  2. FourByLand

    Land Rover Discovery

    Upper taillight guards plastic Roof rack is for D2 and is the high version. Thanks for the interest.
  3. FourByLand

    Land Rover Discovery

    Taillight guards - $60 Safety Devices roof rack w/ flooring and Hella reverse lamp- $450 Cut for tent. Have piece just needs to be welded on. Roof rack ladder- $70 Owners Manual- ?? Center console rubber mats and other bits- $40 Rubber floor mats- $100 All parts located in...
  4. FourByLand

    Panamint City Exploration Hike

    Great job, Dave!
  5. FourByLand

    OzWagon - My HZ75 series Troopie

    Congrats, Lance! Take your time with this one. Looking forward to seeing how it comes together.
  6. FourByLand

    Brushoggers pics

  7. FourByLand

    Review: Campaign Furniture Companies - Chair Campaign

    Beautiful Pinz, Justin! Don't forget to keep posting photos of the Jeep and the TW200!!! Cool toys!
  8. FourByLand

    New Disco shoes

    Sweet, you found a set! Looks great!
  9. FourByLand

    Four By Land's Discovery

    Thanks Franko! Tires have been great but if you do a search you will find better info than I could give you on these tires. Several on here run them and have put way more miles on them than I.
  10. FourByLand

    Canadian Disco 2 Build

    LOL, using a work account to order personal parts?
  11. FourByLand

    Rango.....1942 Willys MB

    Looking forward to seeing this come together!
  12. FourByLand

    Feeler: Nikkor 300 2.8 D AF-S + TC-14E

    Warm fuzzies? I feel it!
  13. FourByLand

    Land Rover 2.0

    And you've done it again! Incredible.
  14. FourByLand

    Rango.....1942 Willys MB

    It reminds me of this and I 2nd that your 'chopped rendition looks pretty cool. It's your Jeep so build it to suit your needs.
  15. FourByLand

    Nemo Nano Tent

    Bummer it's not her thing. Great looking tent and good luck with the sale!
  16. FourByLand

    My Wandering Soul

    No, we know that you aren't coming right out and asking for anything but when you DID ask me if Dave (Mogas) was retired I knew what you were getting at. He has a family and a job and wasn't going to drop what he was doing to rebuild your truck so you could go hang out at OVX and "see what...
  17. FourByLand

    My Wandering Soul

    Phil, I got the same impression as the others when Gavin and I pulled you off the highway.We were trying to understand why you were still going to OVX when your rig was dead. It seemed like you're priority should be trying to figure out how to get to your job in Montana. Maybe you should have...
  18. FourByLand

    1984 LC for $2,000 +/-? Should I buy it?

    I would love to see you put a 60 together.