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    APRS Integration With Gaia GPS App

    Good find. Added comment and endorsement on Gaia site.
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    Positional: Simple GPS App w/ Coords, Elevation, Speed, Bearing

    comments on nav screen layout I like the white on black color scheme, easy to read, Consider droping the minus sign on the Longitude. It is implied when refering to the W(est) direction. Accuracy - assume this is associated with the Lat/Long positon as opposed to the elevation? Satellites -...
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    Positional: Simple GPS App w/ Coords, Elevation, Speed, Bearing

    Very nice app! Excellent addition to paper maps as previously mentioned. Added it to my cache of navigational tools.
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    Portable Base HF Antenna

    What I use as a base camp antenna: - inverted V dipole tuned for 40 meters, has a max range of about 400 miles depending on conditions (this is an NVIS antenna) - a dual band vhf/uhf antenna attached to the top of the top pole when in range of repeaters (not attached in the picture) - pole...
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    Gmap4 = Google maps + High resolution topo maps + more

    Very nicely done! Am looking forward to checking out the various features you have included. Especially interested in the option to incorporate the clickable photo thumbnails on a map. Additionally, I think your help file is very well written and easy to understand with great examples. Will...
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    Pics of your favorite fly water

    West slope cutthroat country in northern Idaho.
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    Diamond X30 Antenna Field Mounting Options

    The short rubber whip antenna that came with your HT typically has a negative gain, probably somewhere in the vicinity of -5dB when compared to a full size 1/4 wave whip. The X30 has a published gain figure of 3.0dB(144MHz) and 5.5dB(430MHz). So to answer your question, the X30 offers a...
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    Tools storage

    theksmith, Nice selection of tools and how you packaged them! Great pictures. Thanks for posting.
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    finally installed a HAM mobile rig

    Thanks for the info on working with the headliner. I have been concerned with messing up the fabric and you seem to have the correct tool for the job. Also good to know what is behind the headliner fabric. Did you have any issues running the cable from the face plate to the radio body? Your...
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    finally installed a HAM mobile rig

    Some really nice work on your part! You must be getting pretty good at removal/installation of the dash panels. Was wondering how you mounted the front panel of the Kenwood above the overhead consul? The installation looks very clean.
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    Calling all nerds and fellow geeks - Computer System Build - Only doing this once

    Looks like a very interesting project. I have used fanless Cappuccinopc machines in 12 volt systems with excellent results. Was running a windows system but your flavor of OS should work just fine.
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    winching recovery and preparedness DVD group buy

    1. timmer2008 2. MontanaBBQ 3. Axeangel (one of each DVD) 4. antichrist - one each 5. CGChief (one of each) 6. TheEstablishment (one of each) 7. Palehorse1 (one each) 8. Ocean explorer (one each)
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    winching recovery and preparedness DVD group buy

    Please count me in for one set. Thanks, Jim
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    safety seal multi person purchase

    Will gladly pay more for additional shipping costs. Please advise.
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    safety seal multi person purchase

    Originally Posted by sds 1. timmer 2 kit 2. drew02a 1 kit 3. Kinetik873 1 Kit 4. bj70_guy 1 kit 5. Errant 1 kit 6. Lindy 1 kit 7. SDS 1 kit 8.damaged110 9. Scot45 10. Ocean_explorer 1 Kit
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    I finally found my tent....I think

    I just purchased the King Pine Dome Six and spent a week in it on the St Joe River in northern Idaho. Here are my comments/observations on the tent: - recommend purchasing the accessory ground sheet. Leave it fastened to the tent when packing up. Fold the tent, this makes it easy to spread out...
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    winching recovery and preparedness DVD group buy

    Am also interested in a set if you have any left. Thanks, Jim H
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    Trailer rust proofing and paint

    Take a look at Devoe Bar-Rust 235. It is a two part epoxy and comes in black. I have used it with great success on a number of projects. Here is a link to the product -...
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    Your Opinions on my Next Tent PLEASE

    other tent option Consider the LL Bean King Pine Dome Tent, Four-Person -