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    Australian Canter FG637 SWB GCM Question

    One for the Australian Canter owners...I have a 98 model FG637 SWB that I have GVM Downgraded to 4495KG from 5500kg. I am about to get a Towbar fitted and the question is regarding the low GCM even with the 5500kg GVM the plate says GCM is 6500kg. Anyone done a GCM upgrade? and if so what is...
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    FG637 Owners .Question re front recovery points

    I just noticed the bull bar eyebolts on my 1998 FG637 are only rated to 700kg (Each) so not good enough to snatch from etc.. what do others use? There doesn't appear to be anything else provided..thanks in advance.. Michael
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    New Build FG637 New-Ish Member

    Hi all, long time lurker first time know how it goes.... I have started a dual purpose build. Part work truck part camper. It will eventually have a service body/camper box on the back but am juggling the build with work at the moment(You know how it goes) Hopefully I will add pics...