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    New Build - FG637 Dual Cab + Slide on

    Howdy expo, Figured it's time to start a new build thread as I think I've finally settled on the Canter I'm going to keep for a while. After purchasing a couple of single cab trucks and driving them for a bit we've decided to purchase a dual cab. We spent a few months looking around till...
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    So I've joined the club, and now need some help!

    So after driving a Troopy from Australia to Germany I decided I need a bit more space for the new rig! After looking around I settled on the FG canter. After watching a few different FGs sell I bit the bullet and picked up a 2002/3 FG637 from Perth last week and drove it (almost) back to...
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    2001 HZJ78 Landcruiser Pop Top

    2001 HZJ78 Landcruiser Troopcarrier. We’ve just driven this vehicle 68,000km from Australia to Germany and were considering continuing but that plan has unfortunately not panned out. This Troopy has flawlessly brought us here, we’ve had zero major mechanical issues on the drive. Only...
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    trackOverland - Australia to Europe

    Hello Expo! I have been reading heaps of the travel reports on here for many years of which many helped form the realisation we should be out there doing this as well! So I thought I'd add our own to share our big overland trip. So what started with a bit of a beer dream has turned into a...
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    Troopy (re)Build

    Hello Expo! I have been a long time reader and decided to post up the build I’m doing on our Troopy Camper which I’m getting ready for a drive to Europe later in the year! We bought the troopy at the start of this year after having a non-pop top version with a roof top tent.. Now rooftop tents...