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    1952 Steve McQueen camper setup.

    If I had money, this is the type of things I would spend it on.
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    Suspension makeover

    It wouldn't hurt to look into adjustable sway bars to help when fully loaded. That's assuming they can be adjusted stiffer than stock.
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    Upland Hunting - General

    Not quite true EMrider, if you want to find easy quail in California, just go deer hunting:D Can never seem to get away from them when you're not looking for them.
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    Birthday gun for myself.

    I'm not familiar with that rifle, but if you go with .44 magnum you should be able to shoot .44 special for a cheaper plinking round. Of course it's more expensive than .38 special, but a .44 always beats a .38/.357. Happy early birthday. Peace and wheelies.
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    JKU VSS and TCS issue

    I know this is a long shot, but is your steering wheel totally straight?
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    JKU VSS and TCS issue

    How is your battery? Sometimes a low battery can cause problems. Do your front tires have a lot less tread than the rear? I've had that activate my stability control before.
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    DIY Propane Firepit

    Out of curiosity, why aren't there any holes at the bottom for air draw? I plan on building one of these cool fire makers and compliment you on your creativity and appreciate you sharing it with us.
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    Need Some Quick Input

    Something isn't adding up, if it has a D44 front then it is a Rubicon, not and X unless it was installed by a previous owner. Also I believe if it came with the tow package then it should be the 3.73 gears, I could be wrong on that though. Either way, if it has 3.21 gears, an auto transmission...
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    DIY Maxtrax bag?

    Should be easy to get a unwanted surfboard or snowboard bag.
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    Poison Spyder bumpers

    I have the VKS front bumper and Shrockworks rear, yes I had to wait two and a half months, but in their defense they build to order and I ordered it two weeks before Thanksgiving:) Worth the wait in my opinion. Excellent quality on both.
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    Poison Spyder bumpers

    You should check out Shrockworks (that is the proper spelling) and VKS.
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    Dilemma : Keep Modded XJ or Get JK Rubicon

    You're right, JK's are expensive, I know because I have one:) My humble opinion is if you're not daily driving it stick with what you have, take the $500 a month payment plus larger insurance payment and find a low mileage LS and transmission and keep them stock (except a trans cooler) for...
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    How do you transport your fishing rods?

    Probably a lot more than you want to spend, but check out Interesting idea.
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    Even though I really like the beer up there I'm not planning on it because I'm hoping to go camping and fishing that weekend, but if that falls through I'll probably make it up there. I hope you enjoy the great beers and food while there, maybe even get some Frisbee golf in.
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    Booneville eh? That's my neck of the woods, only 30 minutes away. It's beautiful country up there, enjoy!
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    Oil Burners (3.8L JK) show me your funnel and

    Google up Clean Funnel, not sure if they're collapsible, but they have screw on caps.
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    Toilet Paper transportation and dispensing If you're really ExPo, this is the only way to fly.
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    33 vs 35s for my XJ Overland Build

    I can't answer that for you, but I'll share with you what I have. I have a 4 door JK with stock length arms on 37s and regeared to 5:13 that I daily drive, full disclosure, my commute is only 7 miles of bad back road and in town. However, I have no issues with handling, wondering or discomfort...
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    Premium & High End Ice Chests & Coolers Reviews

    I have made cooler hinges out of old leather boots and a purse, works great.
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    Air Compressor Location

    Not sure how much junk you keep in the glove box, but if you could store that stuff elsewhere then I think that would be a neat out of the way place.