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    Expedition 7

    I’m not sure if anyone has heard about this. Pretty sweet. Only vehicle to have driven on all 7 continents and to completely drive across all 6.
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    Land cruiser rally

    Pretty neat video from motor trend
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    Just wanted to post this here

    Didn’t want any butthurt Jeep fanboys to get hurt feelings This made me laugh
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    Interesting video. I like this guy
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    The million mile tundra tear down
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    Hilux in 19?

    We shall see
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    The 70 series is here to stay [emoji39]
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    Saw g in washoe valley

    Saw a sweet 2 door white g driving through washoe valley today. Does it belong to anyone on here?
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    Unimog 404 for sale. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Transfercase 4Low grind

    I looked on mud and all of the threads are old and most everyone insists its the fan hitting the shroud. Which its not doing. My case when in 4low and in a high torque situation jumps out of low and kind of in-between 2low and 4low and the gears grind real bad like they are not meshing. I...
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    Land Cruiser movie

    Saw this over on mud. It was pretty good thought i would share it
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    87 range rover wiper

    My buddy has a 1987 range rover. The wiper motor is bad on it. All I can find is 1989 and on. Are they all the same or are the 87 motors hard to come by? Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin
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    Help me

    I'm addicted to land cruisers. I currently have a 60 and I really want an 80. I am kind of toying with the idea of trading my Unimog for a clean stock 80. Should I or not? I constantly go back and forth. I see an 80 driving around and I say dream about owning one. Then when I drive the Unimog...
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    Looking for a g-wagen

    I'm looking for a g. I am located in Nevada so preferably on the west coast, but willing to look at the rest of the country. Thank you in advance :)