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    Falken MT in 255/85r16

    Hi— looks like the Falken MT is available in 255/85r16 now with a reasonable price.
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    SEMA Gladiator

    There are a gazillion Gladiators at SEMA this year but most of them are way to blingy for my taste. I thought people would appreciate this one from Black Rhino though.
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    Gladiator XMT
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    Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP

    Anyone seen these yet? Looks like a new hybrid tire similar to Duratrac and ST MAXX. I don’t know much about Cepek tires but it looks promising. They are light for E range tires and reasonably priced.
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    265/75r16 to 285/75r16 on a 3.21 JKU

    Hi-- I have a 2016 JKU auto 3.21 gears and currently have P265/75r16 Hankook ATM's on stock 16" wheels. They are about 39lbs. I'm thinking of moving to LT285/75r16 all terrains that will weigh about 57-60lbs for no other reason than I'd like slightly bigger tires. Does anyone know from...
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    Falken AT3W's on sale

    If anyone is looking to try the new Falken Wildpeak AT3W's they are on sale for very cheap at Discount Tire Direct right now. I just bought new tires otherwise I'd try them as they look good and the price is right. They are too new to have many reviews out there.
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    WTB 265/75r16 or 235/85r16 for spare

    Hi-- Anyone have a cheap 265/75r16 or 235/85r16 that I can use for a spare near northeastern Mass.? Thanks!
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    Jeep Club rescues stranded drivers

    I was reading about people stranded in the recent snow storms and saw this article from the spring about a Jeep club in Kentucky volunteering to rescue stranded vehicles and drivers. I thought it was pretty cool and a great thing for people with capable vehicles to do. Great public relations...
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    New Falken All Terrain coming Looks promising......
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    Help with tire selection

    I have a brand new 2015 JK Unlimited Sport, bone stock except for automatic transmission. I want to replace the 225/75r16 tires this weekend to take advantage of the Discount Tire Direct Labor Day sale. I am going to keep the stock 16" steel rims and don't plann on lifting for a few years and...
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    KK Liberty in the snow

    I though some people might be interested in my KK Liberty experience in this week's historic now storm in Northeastern Massachusetts. My Liberty is stock other than 235/75r16 Hankook ATM's and the front air dam removed. I recently moved into a new house and don't have a snow blower. I needed...
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    Renegade concept at Detroit Auto Show One of the Jeep Renegade concepts shown at the Detroit Auto show has promise. I'm interested in the tires, as the Falkens that apparently are coming on the Trailhawk aren't very impressive and there is not much...
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    Updated Nitto Terra Grappler Looks like new sidewall design, new tread compound, and slightly update tread pattern. Probably in line with the changes to the Toyo Open Country ATII.
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    New Cooper All Terrain ATW

    Appears to be a version of the AT3 optimized for winter use with more spies and biting edges.
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    QT1 on the beach

    I had been hesitant to take my QT1 WK on the beach since I have another (slightly) more capable Jeep but facing Labor Day weekend traffic and a long drive out to Nauset Beach on Cape Cod I decided to give it a try since the cabin is significantly more comfortable for a family of 4 than that of...
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    ST MAXX 255/75r17 and 255/80r17 weights according to Cooper

    I emailed Cooper to get the actual weights since there seemed to be a lot of incorrect info on tire store websites. Some sites listed the 255/75r17 as heavier which didn't make sense since it is smaller and a C range. Here is the. Reply. Not much difference. "the 80 series tire is a load...