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    2005 International 4X4 Box Truck - $49995 (Montana) Craigslist ☝ I think this is it
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    *SOLD* 2016 RAM 3500 4x4 w/ XP Camper flatbed and upgrades

    Great looking truck! What 35's did you use for the super single conversion?
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    So can you straight axle a 100 or 200 series?
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    BJ74 TD Build Thread - Stoffregen Motorsports

    Your work is incredible! I went back through a couple of pages, but couldn't find an answer: What kind of paint do you use on those axle components (like the knuckles)? Looks really good, and I'm assuming it's durable, otherwise you wouldn't be using it.
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    New BFG KO2 34x10.5x17! 100 Series

    Doesn't seem to affect the KO2's:
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    New BFG KO2 34x10.5x17! 100 Series

    Here's my HJ61 on 34x10.5R17 BFG's and 17" FJ cruiser steel wheels. I need to get some wheel spacers, but other than that they've been great! Took them up a pretty difficult trail, didn't air down, and they did amazing. 10/10 would cruise again.