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    100 Series headlights not so good!

    I've also got a 2000; my head lights are actually not bad. Have you checked the aim of your lights? They may be too far up or down. You may also check the housing as Buddha said, the aftermarket plastic ones can get foggy. Not sure of the reflector quality of those plastic ones either. OEM will...
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    Dilemma deciding what to get

    Saw you mentioned Dallas/DFW; I just bought my 100 series in this area. They are hard to find, but typically cleaner than the 80 series I have seen for sale locally. There is a small father/son outfit in Ft. Worth that only sells 100's...let me know if you want their info. I bought mine from...
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    2005 4Runner sport edition

    Nope, you're correct. Timing chain. The 1GR-FE is a very reliable, low-maintenance engine. Also one of the easiest I've ever seen to do an oil change on. Filter is right on top of the motor.
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    2005 4Runner sport edition

    Colin, the 2005 4Runner V6 should be equipped with a 4.0L 1GR-FE, meaning it has a timing chain and not a belt. You should be good there. As far as other things to look at, it's not common but I've seen a few 4Runners with electrical gremlins, mostly on the higher trim packages. Make sure...
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    Sean, Goodyear doesn't endorse online forum reps per se, but if you need any info on the Duratracs I can track it down for you. I work for them in the south. Shoot me a PM and I'll get you some information; if I don't have an answer, I'll call an engineer. That being said...excellent build. I'm...
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    programmable 12V switch panel w/ bluetooth interface

    I may be completely naive, but could you not create an analog version using the Bussmann RTMR? Pretty weatherproof, and you can run your entire switch bank through one connection.
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    1st gen tundra problems - a buyers guide

    General consensus from my research says the 05-06 models are the better buy...higher HP 4.7, 5 speed transmission instead of 4, and it has the updated body style. However, the 4.7 is generally bulletproof so long as the timing belt is changed at normal intervals. Something else to consider, the...
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    2011 16 TRD rims fit my 01 Tacoma?

    After research it looks like he is correct. You may need a spacer depending on tire width.
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    2011 16 TRD rims fit my 01 Tacoma?

    Yup they should fit as long as you have a 6 lug Tacoma, not one of the 5 lug minis. Also, if you are on steel wheel right now you will need new lug nuts. If you're on alloys then you're golden for a direct swap.
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    Thinking about buying a toyota

    Just a thought (and I don't know if you are set on a 4Runner) but you can get the same drive train with the 3.4 in the earlier 2000-2004 Tundras. The are roughly the same size as the newer Tacomas and don't seem to hold value as well (read: you can buy them cheaper with less miles). You may also...
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    Possible front bumper option for the tundra.

    I'd be good for one next year if these make production...I have a wedding to pay for this year so it's gonna have to wait. Short version: sweet bumper!!
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    XJ Rear Light protectors

    Just a heads up, I have a pair of these on my XJ...they look great, but they aren't that protective. They attach with two thin tabs to the taillight mounts. They would be great for light brush, but anything larger will cause damage to the tailgate and fender, versus just a busted lens. IMO
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    1985 Jeep Cherokee XJ $500

    Someone please buy this so I don't have to... I don't know any details, other than the fact that it looks decent for a 26 year old vehicle. The wheels and axles alone are worth the $500, I would love to help work on this thing over the course of a weekend if someone wanted to pick it up...
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    Base Camp

    Just read through the build...we will have similar Jeeps soon! I have a 3'' lift as well, with 31's and a Ford 8.8. I went with 4.10 gears though, and have been extremely pleased. We even have the same color and year model. I wish I had the tire carrier though! I will be watching -Logan
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    87/00 Comanchero

    Hey Ithixson, nice Comanche there! I am also in Lubbock, I may have to creep your build from now on. I believe I have seen your son's Cherokee before...does it have a Detours Tailbone on it?
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    Sandals this Summer

    Another vote for Chacos. I have done pretty much everything in them except bouldering, and they have held up pretty well. Even bought the girlfriend a pair. Plus, you get the "awesome" Chaco tan :D (oh and first post!)