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    1978 Unimog 1300L Doka Super Cab Camper

    Fast axles? Any pictures? Thanks
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    SOLD - Four Wheel Pop Up - Grandby - For Sale

    Sorry for the delay. We've had some personal stuff going on. Camper is for sale. i've added some additional photos. Let me know if you need any additional pictures, information or would like to discuss. Thanks. Marek 530-363-5255
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    Importing an expedition camper from Europe

    It's kind of a long story, but the truck was sold to another buyer who now wants to sell because they aren't using it. He's asking more money than originally and none of the needed work has been done. I have the chance to buy it again, but would have to being to pay more and take on the project.
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    SOLD - Four Wheel Pop Up - Grandby - For Sale

    1996 Four Wheel Camper - Grandby After a lot of deliberation, we've decided to put our camper up for sale. We are the second owners. Non smokers. Sliding front window with boot Fantastic fan Second roof vent Yakima Tracks Luggage rack - slight damage Heater Refrigerator Rear wall steps...
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    Importing an expedition camper from Europe

    It seemed like a really good deal at €30,000. Definitely needed some work, but even after investing some in it, it would have been a good rig. The Magirus that's posted in the for sale section of this is also a really nice rig and we're seriously considering it, but I don't know much about...
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    Importing an expedition camper from Europe

    Sorry for the lack of response. We've been trying for the last month to actually complete the deal. There was another buyer involved and they went back and forth for a while, but he finally came through to complete the deal this week. This is the truck, but the deal didn't work out. We're...
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    Importing an expedition camper from Europe

    Thanks for the input. I'm headed over to try and make the purchase now. We might end up keeping it in Europe for a while to travel there and then bring it over later...........if we can actually get it.
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    Importing an expedition camper from Europe

    Looking for some input and advice. I may have found my dream expedition camper in Europe. At least on paper, it looks good. It's a 1990 with reasonable mileage. It's a Renault double cab, 4x4 with a nice camper on it. Price seems reasonable as well. First question: Anyone here have first...
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    Expedition built 1997 Land Cruiser 80 - gauging interest

    I'm sure there's interest, but without a suggested price, it's really hard to determine the level.
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    I just saw your camper ad and was wondering if you still had it? Thanks

    I just saw your camper ad and was wondering if you still had it? Thanks
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    SOLD 1997 BornFree 4X4 Tucson $32,500

    How long are the couches? Do they have seat belts? Thanks
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    For Sale - HRT Offroad Built 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 High Speed Expedition Rig!!

    You can be certain that every aspect of this build is top notch. Kevin has always done great work!
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    Mounting a Power Tank

    I can drill through. There's a little room between the wall and the fridge. I'll probably drill through the studs and put some metal plate behind as well. Thanks
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    Mounting a Power Tank

    Any thoughts on this??
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    Mounting a Power Tank

    I'm hoping Stan will chime in on this, but I'm wondering if there is enough structural integrity on a Four Wheel camper to mount my Power Tank to the back wall. I've attached a picture of the proposed area. Thanks
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    ARB shout out

    I just want to give a shout out to the folks up at ARB. I bought a lightly used (only a few months old) ARB 50 qt fridge off of a guy on Craigslist. It was out of town, so I had a buddy complete the transaction and ship it to me. He packed it well and insured it with UPS. It arrived a...
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    Mod ot my 09 FWC Grandy

    Any pics?
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    1979 Bluebird Wanderlodge for sale

    Just curious as to what kind of mileage something like this gets. Thanks