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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    That first pic is why I always have a chainsaw in my rig and not a handsaw. Great pics.
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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    That's a really cool solution to the pressure monitoring "issue". Simple is good! I didnt know that about the ARB compressors. I always assumed it would be better to have a tank to have extra air available, especially for air tools etc.
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    Huenersdorff 47L Aluminum Box Unboxing/First Impressions/Review

    Glad you brought it back up as well. My thoughts on boxes like this are kind of similar to some of the discussions about Plano totes vs Pelican. As long as you dont need them to be 100% waterproof (either due to what you are hauling in them or if its bc you use them solely inside your rig) I'm...
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    My 2004 Yukon XL 2500HD LBZ

    Looking great....can't wait to see more.
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    Suggestions requested

    You guys forgot the steak decoy know, throw a steak under the camper 2 sites over and when you hear the commotion you have some time to pack up and high tail it. Sorry...just thought a little levity would be appropriate. :) I think you've gotten solid advice about stopping to eat...
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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    I was just going to ask this question. I know nothing about how these campers get mounted from a design perspective so am always curious about why certain designs get chosen.. Enjoying the build so far! Thank you.
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    Late Summer Trek to South Dakota

    Looking forward to your report. This is an area I've never been but always wanted to see.
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    What is the craziest recovery situation you made it through (or didn't make it through)?

    Been stuck many times over the past 40 years but one of the worst was in the early 80's in CO. I was doing security east of Denver at a construction site. We handled security from Friday afternoon shutdown until construction started again Monday AM. We had a big blizzard coming in on Saturday...
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    Shower Thoughts.............?

    I dont see Eccotemp in your mention or by others. Might be worth investigating. I've not used one so can't vouch for it.
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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    This^^^^ If you are a Sam's Club member or use the GasBuddy app you can find locations that you might not otherwise think of which can save money on gas. But also if you know what each state charges for gas tax and have the kind of range you mention you can save some money by topping off in...
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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    Awesome. I share your beliefs about having a truck that is operating well within its limits and how offroad adds stresses that are rarely contemplated when people load their vehicles. Looking forward to this!
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    GMC 3500 Rear Bumper with Swing Outs - Who Would You Choose To Build One?

    I understand that 100%. It may be cheaper however to use the "mass production" of what Warn (or someone similar) does, then pay for the custom work to get the "final design" you need. Either way I think it would work. But I do like how those rear bumpers look and they've obviously engineered it...
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    GMC 3500 Rear Bumper with Swing Outs - Who Would You Choose To Build One?

    Warn makes one but it's not modular. I dont think it would be too difficult for a good fab shop to drill the corners and mount swivel pins & latches. There might be a way to do it so you could have the swing outs removed most of the time, then install them for when you're heading on a trip also...
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    Flashlights advice

    A few years ago I bought a flashlight similar to this one (see below) on Amazon. It was about $10. I figured it was cheap money and couldnt be worse than the old plastic battery flashlight we had under the sink if I decided it wasnt good for camping etc. I have to say it was an awesome decision-...
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    The Total Approach of Getting Unstuck Off Road, by Bob Wohlers

    It sounds like a good book. For anyone looking for a "starter" book on recovery I found the Army vehicle recovery pdf's to be a great resource. Lots of easy to understand drawings, tables and explanations for how much force is required under a variety of situations (mired in mud, rolled over...
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    But it doesn't look as cool as an expedition style aluminum box will.....just sayin'🤣 I'm sure the Alubox version will be great but I agree if the sides opened it would be much better. And I get the buy once cry once approach. But this seems like overkill for a box to hold a tent. At least IMO.
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    Ram Cummins - Auxiliary Fuel Port

    Looks like it is on the Chassis Cab only (but w/o the pdf for non Chassis Cabs tough to tell?). Check online replacement parts and see if the part numbers are the same for both Chassis Cab and "other"....if part # the same its prob included in both. But even if not might be an easy replacement...
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    "New Technology Rage/Hate/Praise Thread"

    I always thought the emergency brake was so I could drift in the snow, which was a lot easier in Mom's Toyota which was a hand version than my pickup which was a foot version. But that's just me.....😂
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    Next generation snatch block

    Thank you all for a great discussion, I'm learning a lot. Would these "rings" perform better (less damage to the line) if they had a larger diameter? Or is the real concern the heat induced weakness to the soft shackle? In that case (if I'm thinking about this correctly), unless the...
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    Best warm weather desert tent?

    I was thinking canvas as well but one with a fly? Like an OzTent maybe? In full disclosure I've never used an OzTent so shouldnt offer it as a suggestion but I know a fly can help keep the main tent cool which you can get with the Oztent. Plus I think theres plenty of places in Australia that...