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  1. tamangel

    Woelcke Autark T5 Crosser Off-Road 4×4 Campervan Motor Home...

    Found this recently and thought of some interest.. Mike W ******
  2. tamangel

    4.9L I4 4M50 TURBO DIESEL longevity?

    How long would the Fuso (in an 2007 FG140) motor w/ proper ( fleet) maintenance be expected to last? Over 300K? Also are they rebuildable? or what other engines can be swapped out? Mike W *****
  3. tamangel

    Nice vid from Tunisian desert..

    nice pic's and travel..2 trucks.. Mike W *****
  4. tamangel

    frame or flat bed mount?

    just thinking here for future purchase .. What would be best choice for camper box mount on a truck..Thinking 5 ton mil-surplus long bed. Would buy as cab/chassis unit and then have box constructed for either frame mounting or flat bed mounting. Height (preferably no taller than 12 or so, from...
  5. tamangel

    1942 Dodge military 4X4 with a Phoenix Truck Camper

    seen this? nice looking although pricey custom box rig.. Mike W edit...oops, guess it was already on here..should have searched first...
  6. tamangel

    Deuce MRAP interpretation..

    did you see this rig recently sold on ebay? The ebay link is enclosed w/ 250 pic's, great detail.. the link will go away eventually...a great concept I think.. here's the ebay link...
  7. tamangel

    VW track-layer

    Well. its sort of a van.. from here: Mike
  8. tamangel

    ebay: UNIMOG Rare 4-Door, Promo Vehicle with Observation Deck

    not connection with sale/seller.. UNIMOG Rare 4-Door, Promo Vehicle with Observation Deck Mike
  9. tamangel

    NewVolkswagen Transporter Rockton 4MOTION Mike
  10. tamangel

    ebay 1985 Ford F8000 camper convert (not mine)

    cool photo's not mine/no connection w/ seller info only.. 1985 FORD F 8000 FIRE SERVICE TRUCK ,CUSTOM DESIGNED AND BUILT, FOR CAMPING ,HUNTING, FISHING WORK OR PLAY , 10.5L 3208 TURBO 250 HP , CAT DIESEL ,ALLISON 653 AUTO TRANS ,EATON 488 DIFF , TWIN DIESEL 50 GAL...
  11. tamangel

    Interesting Rovers on Biglorryblog...

    There are a number of interesting Rovers scattered over the 4 pages.. Mike
  12. tamangel

    Shipping Container camper...

    somewhere.......I have seen a picture of a euro truck with a shipping container on it for a camper box... It was notched in the front (not the door end) so it was able to fit on the truck bed and, because of the notched box end, became a cab-over camper box.. Anyone know where a pic of that rig...
  13. tamangel

    Keg House..

    probably not too expeditionary but food for thought maybe... Mike
  14. tamangel

    Camper Designs & Alternative Energy book ?

    anyone familiar with this book? Camper Designs & Alternative Energy by Geoff A. Tabain I see Amazon carries it as a Kindle 'book' also.. Mike
  15. tamangel

    Unicat Unimogs for China..

    got this from Big Lorry Blog with no further info.. Any clues other than body by Unicat and headed to China.. Mike
  16. tamangel

    Travel Russia Cars..

    a link on different east block vehicles.. 'Travel Russia Cars' my favorite is the Gaz 66 Mike
  17. tamangel

    Mongolian Expo truck rentals..

    was surfing for Gaz66 info (wondering if they are diesel now) and found this site.. Info only, Mike
  18. tamangel

    Maximog trailer..

    has this site been featured before: Mike
  19. tamangel

    Ural Camper on ebay 1/3

    removed thread post.. Pic's and info back up.. Item number: 150361852473 auction ended, no sale 1 bid @ $1984.00 reserve not met.. buy it now price: $7500.00 location: mount airy, NC, United States link (eventually will die)...
  20. tamangel

    Conventional vs cab over..

    Like to have a discussion re: pros/cons of conventional/cab-over truck designs for travel.. Most of my future rig camp interests with be in North America/Canada and Mexico. Maybe just a 22-24' regular cargo box conversion. Probably 2 wheel drive so nothing too off-road for travel.. I realize the...