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    ARB On Board Air Compressor CKSA12 Air Locker Accessories - BRAND NEW

    This is designed for lockers, not tires, correct? The ad copy from 4 wheel parts seems to suggest it’s for airing up tires but I think it’s copied and pasted from one of ARB’s bigger compressors.
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    Tool Overkill?

    Here's my minimal tool kit: All the pictured hand tools, except for the breaker bar, fit in the small canvas bag. Yes, they're inexpensive tools, many from HF, but they've worked fine for my needs. I also carry tire repair and recovery gear, and some small mission critical sensors and...
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    ARB awning to Thule loadbars I just drilled a few holes in the ARB brackets and bolt them straight to unistrut. You may be able to do something similar to any square profile crossbar.
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    DMOS Elite Shovel Review

    What is this? A shovel for ants?
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    Change your security lug nuts.

    That’s cool that you were able to help them out. Perhaps a more descriptive thread title would help others reading this in the future? “Get rid of this ASAP” could be almost anything.
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    Noob Question - Pulling in Reverse?

    I have tried to find some pictures or a video describing why the gears are weaker in reverse; this is a pretty decent explanation:
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    Do it yourself rack Huge thread on this subject, maybe there’s something in there that’d work for you. I’m a fan of strut channel crossbars myself, you can bolt most anything to that stuff.
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    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    I may be mistaken, but I doubt you use that as a camping table. Based on your link I think you're just posting for SEO purposes. But please share some photos of it in use as a camping table. I'd love to see this 50 pound bulky table with tiny caster wheels meant for smooth surfaces used for...
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    Very small camping toilet?

    When camping we often use wag bags and a kitty litter bucket with a removable toilet seat. The bucket has many other uses so we'd be bringing it anyway. You can see the setup here...
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    Spare tire smaller than the tires on the truck?

    No AWD, it’s selectable 4WD with a transfer case and available elocker rear. The rear axle is basically a Dana 44 and the front is IFS. I didn’t realize this was the specific domestic full-size sub forum, thought it was more general. My bad. I am curious to know if a mismatched spare would...
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    Spare tire smaller than the tires on the truck?

    There was a thread on an Xterra forum where this was discussed. One guy tried running pairs of differently sized tires on the front and rear axles. The computers didn't like it much, it threw CEL's and it went into limp mode...
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    Advanced Elements inflatable tandem kayak - SLC, UT - SOLD

    Sold pending funds... I will update this once money has been exchanged. SOLD
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    Advanced Elements inflatable tandem kayak - SLC, UT - SOLD

    Location: SLC, Utah. Not interested in shipping at this time, would prefer a local buyer. Asking SOLD. We purchased a canoe and my wife prefers it, so we are selling our Advanced Elements 15 ft inflatable kayak. Condition It is in good, 100% working condition as it has been lightly used...
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    Tire gauge/deflator I’m a fan of these. Once you figure out how many psi you drop per minute it’s pretty repeatable in my experience. You could use this to quickly bring it down into your <60 range.
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    Next generation snatch block

    I don't have much recovery experience and I'm trying to educate myself, so sorry if this is a dumb question. Regarding the frame at 10:29 that you posted, isn't his point in saying, "don't do this" the concern of adding weight and potential projectiles to the system?
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    SOLD: Apple IPAD Mini 32GB, Model A1490, with RAM Mount Set-up

    This is a 2nd gen Mini, correct?
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    Display to read TPMS data from factory-style sensors?

    I figured I should follow up on this. I have a few Scangauges and to my surprise, one of them had the 4.5+ firmware required to report TPMS. I entered the codes and we tried it out on a recent day trip in our '09. Works great! It does report lower numbers than my tire gauge, but it's...
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    Benefit to charging AGM battery to full capacity?

    Thanks for the replies. It seems like the consensus is: proper charging does not help the battery perform better in day to day use. But it may extend the service life of the battery. "Ask not what your battery can do for you - ask what you can do for your battery". The Odyssey is around 6...
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    Benefit to charging AGM battery to full capacity?

    Thanks for the reply, that was my assumption. In my case the battery is an Odyssey 34R-PC1500 and the vehicle is an Xterra with stock charging system, but I think this would be applicable to other batteries and vehicles as well. I have read many recommendations online that one needs a smart...