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  1. Flagster

    Looking to buy 05 or 06 tundra 4x4...

    Would rather purchase outright but would consider trades for my '95 locked land cruiser...160k miles... Rust free Arizona truck...
  2. Flagster

    WTB reg cab tacoma or toyota pickup manual transmission

    Setting up shop in Tucson and looking for a runabout to get around, haul cactus, collect bikes, make sonoran hotdog get the idea. Budget 10K max...22re or 4cy preferred...4x4 not a must... Thanks Matt
  3. Flagster

    Any reasons to avoid 1st gen transit connect

    We are looking for a city size van to supplement our sprinter... basically a cargo build with storage/fridge and slide outs to haul our bikes around town...weekend adventures where we don't need a full size van. The early transit connects can be had for cheap here in AZ...they don't stick out in...
  4. Flagster

    Heavy Duty locking fridge slide for engel MT60 Flagstaff, AZ

    I have had this for a long time...still using the fridge in our van but not the slide... Dusty but functioning fine...I'll try to post up pictures ASAP and put up dimensions. Think it will fit the MT80 also. Slides lengthwise... 150.00 Pickup in Flagstaff, AZ
  5. Flagster

    WTB Truck/Camper combo or possible trade for our 4x4 144" sprinter

    My wife and I have decided to sell our 4x4 sprinter for something a bit more liveable full time in the PNW and AK where I travel occasionally for work. We will be using the truck in AK as a basecamp as we travel between AK and Tucson, AZ for work. I need the ability to tow a decent sized...
  6. Flagster

    230GE in UT...any advice? I've started looking for an import (coming from the cruiser side) Found this guy who it appears imports them to UT... Anyone have any experience Thanks Matt
  7. Flagster

    Biodiesel blends in newer NCV3 engines?

    On our first summer road trip in our '15 sprinter and am running into a lot of B5-20 blends...TX and OR were as high as 20. MB advises only B5 and lower. I am doing my best to keep it diluted as much as possible. For example while we have been spending a lot of time in Portland, I go across...
  8. Flagster

    Wedco Nato style Water cans Flagstaff, AZ

    Good condition, bought these about 5 years ago and never used them some wear through the paint but no rust... 20.00 each... pickup in Flagstaff only
  9. Flagster

    Frontrunner 45l footwell tank, new/unused in Flagstaff, AZ

    A little dusty from sitting in the garage. Have the fittings/coupler that came with the tank. Bought a couple years ago from Equipt...never used 100.00 pick up in Flagstaff, shipping
  10. Flagster

    Wolfman enduro bag lot

    Would prefer to sell these together...will consider separating if no interest as a whole. Saddle bags...used and damage (pretty sure they are the day trippers) Enduro duffel Wolf bottle hosters (x2) Wolfy tool Enduro fender bag...used and
  11. Flagster

    Used National Luna Dual Battery System in Flagstaff, AZ

    Installed in 2011 on my 1995 FZJ80 Taken off yesterday working with no longer using a fridge and am taking the truck back closer to original... 225.00 shipped Also have the pictured 31M marine DieHard platinum battery bought at the same time...if local buyer is interested will...
  12. Flagster

    Let there be LIGHTS...

    Thinking about buying a new light to replace the old guy... I have a NITERIDER from back in the day 2004 vintage HID with helmet mount that was used for some 24 hour races...still works great but the battery is heavy as all heck... Wondering what the new bling is...I figure LEDs up front but are...
  13. Flagster

    WTB FZJ80 stock stereo/radio

    simple as that...late 95 truck
  14. Flagster

    Golden Fatbike...

    And I thought my carbon beargrease was bling... Thant selle smp just looks creepy in gator
  15. Flagster

    1987 Toyota BJ75 in Phoenix, AZ
  16. Flagster

    WTB FJ or Tacoma steelies 16 hole steel wheels near Flagstaff, AZ

    Looking for a set for my 2005 Tacoma... 16 or 17"
  17. Flagster

    Smittybilt xrc8/10 winch in Flagstaff, AZ

    Used, not sure if it is an 8 or 10...winch says xrc8...controller box says XRC10 Picked up used a couple years ago from another forum member who used it on an 80 series LC...winch has been clocked and has spacers to fit the 80 series ARB winchbar... Just sitting in my garage collecting dust and...
  18. Flagster

    Fruita info needed

    Passing through Fruita this Wednesday night/Th morning (crashing in g. junction) and hoping to get a ride in early Th morning... I have been researching the trails and wondering if anyone recommends one not to be missed??? I will only have about 2-4 hours tops...would like to hit multiple trails...
  19. Flagster

    fargo vs bikepacking rig

    I am relatively new to the whole bikepacking thing and my excursions have been limited to one night stands since my bikes aren't currently the best for frame bags and multiple bottles, etc I am now looking for a bike I can add a bit more bags to and turn weekends easily here in N. AZ...
  20. Flagster

    2009 CRF 450X in Flagstaff, AZ

    Mine One owner bike. All stock except for rackit aluminum rack, works skid plate, and desert tank (pictured) Stock tank is currently installed but desert tank will be included with the sale. link to CL ad