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  1. desertrover

    1941 Dodge Power Wagon, 1988 Range Rover

    Hi all, too many projects and some need to go to fund others. I'm also loosing my ability to store them so I must let them go ASAP. Both trucks have clean california titles, PNO with no back fees due. Both are projects, the rover would be a great parts truck for a rrc or d1 build. Arb locker and...
  2. desertrover

    SoCal Mogfest 2011

    Event was great, photos are up on my site. There is a thread over here. Many thanks to everyone who helped make Mogfest possible!
  3. desertrover

    Range Rover Classic Turn Signals Failed

    So after two years of ownership with nearly no electrical issues, all turn signals on my '88 RRC have completely failed. All four work fine if I hit the hazards. Are the hazards wired on a separate circuit from the turn signals? My search for information on this one hasn't turned up too much...
  4. desertrover

    Canon EF 75-300 Telephoto

    For Sale, one Canon Zoom Lens EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 III. $135 Shipped. Great starter telephoto for anyone with a Canon SLR. Very long zoom on a 1.6 FOVCF body such as the Rebel or 7d. This lens offers full frame coverage. Lens Extended to 300mm Mount 75mm 300mm Perspective.. Shot with a...
  5. desertrover

    Range Rover Classic Big Blue Springs

    F/S one full set Big Blue springs, purchaced here around a year ago. There is some wear on the finish, but springs will perform fine. Great for a lightly to moderately loaded truck. I switched to RTE heavies because I often run at or over GVWR with 7 jerry cans, 15 gallons of water, tools, etc...
  6. desertrover

    Unimog Camper Adventure Part 1: To be Continued?

    Hello All, Last Friday I set out from Twentynine Palms, CA in my 404 to pick up a radiobox based camper in Colorado. The photos should tell the story.. Local trails in Twentynine Palms Stripped to frame in preparation for camper Stopping for fuel in Arizona Driving through the night...
  7. desertrover

    What is It?

    Not quite sure where to put this, but what is this truck? i assume it's operated by the Japanese Defense Forces. I caught this example on Iwo Jima, but i've glimpsed a similar truck in Okinawa. Unfortunately, I had my wide angle lens fixed when I happened to see it, thus the wide shot. Any...
  8. desertrover

    24v Onboard Air Options

    Looking back at it, the little ARB compressor/ tire inflation kit I installed in my rangie was probably one of the most useful additions. Now, I'm looking at similar setups for my 404 Unimog. I want a compressor capable of taking 4 37" tires from offroad to highway pressure in around ten...
  9. desertrover

    Assorted MRE's and Chemlights

    Hello, I have for sale some current production MRE's, as well as some chemlights. Located in Southern CA, will be in the SF Bay area around Christmas. MRE's $4ea, chemlights $8/box of ten. I have red, blue, and yellow.