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  1. TemboTusk

    SOLD: TemboTusk Jumbo SIDE PULL Flat Slide

    Sold to Gathaway! Thank you! I have a client that is upgrading his truck and needs to sell a Jumbo SIDE PULL Flat Slide at a deep discount. The Jumbo Slide fits fridges from 60-110 liters. Regular price is $475: Discounted price is: $235. +shipping (USA only) This is a great deal on an...
  2. TemboTusk

    Battery Issues

    I have a Sears Diehard Platinum group 34 as my 2nd battery which I use to run an Engel 35 liter fridge. I use the National Luna split charger to maintain both the starting and accessory batteries. Suddenly I found my battery pushing 8.5 volts after about 8 hours of running the fridge. I...
  3. TemboTusk

    Sand Chef contest at Surf N Turf

    . Hey guys, Just a bit of news if any of you are thinking of signing up for the Sand Chef contest at Surf N Turf. TemboTusk is setup to sponsor the competition this year. That means the winning Chef will get a LoadSpotter slide! Good Luck to all the Chefs!! .