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    Should I spend the money On my High top Camper or My Quadravan for beach use.

    That's good to know about the tires. That sand looks a lot like what I'm dealing with. And your right to do it right for camping you need to get into the soft stuff. Well it's a pretty old Edelbrock and I'm not sure it's worth saving. I was thinking of switching to a Holly 4150 Easier...
  2. Vans-are-freedom

    Should I spend the money On my High top Camper or My Quadravan for beach use.

    Here is my Dilemma, and I know it has been discussed before but I have a very specific set of circumstances here. I have a 79 Quadravan that is total bear bones but needs a New Carb. I have a 82 Hightop Camper van that is fully equipped for camping and travel but is only 2wd I have moved close...
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    4x4 Camper Van Project - Body Swap

    That is totally my dream Van! nicely done :-)
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    Don't forget to change your PCV Valve!

    My Quadravan started using a lot of oil and running really hot. I remember back years ago that I had a car that started using a lot of Oil after the PCV valve went bad so I put a new one and and right away. My Idle went back to normal, It has been running cooler and I'm expecting it to use...
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    33s vs 31s

    I'm guessing I'm about 3500 rpm too at 55 or 60. It's got a big cam so even though it's wound up it still wants to keep going it would probably creep up to 75 before it felt like the gears were holding it back. It get's about 8 MPG at 55 and then drops off really fast over that.
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    33s vs 31s

    Ya that's in 3rd gear. It does not have over drive and it must be 4:56 or 4:88's because it's pretty damn low gearing.
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    Just acquired a 1977 Ford Quadravan Chateau 4x4

    Hey we are in the same neck of the woods both with Quadravans very cool. I got a 79.
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    33s vs 31s

    I second that notion. I got 33's on my Van and the engine is just screaming when doing 60 on the freeway. I can't imagine how it would be with smaller tires.
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    Tote Gote: whos got one?

    I've not heard of that one yet. Is there a site for them online?
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    show us your truck bed trailers

    Great thread Idea! My Dad has an old Camp Trailer built out of an old 50's era Ford he has not used in years I'm trying to talk him out of to pull behind my Quadravan :-)
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    Tote Gote: whos got one?

    Crap now I've seen a Honda CT70 and I want one of those! LOL
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    So , I'm starting over....

    Nice! can't wait to see more.
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    No, I have not been out of the Northwest in a couple of years.

    No, I have not been out of the Northwest in a couple of years.
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    Tote Gote: whos got one?

    Who has a tote gote. I got one as a basket case and I'm putting it back together so I can haul it on the back of my Van so I can tool around the campsite or in worse case situation where I break down go for help. I just need to get a Throttle and a break cable and hook up the belts oh and a...
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    First Time Poster Hello

    Thanks for the compressor recommendation. I just checked that brand out on Amazon and it looks like a good way to go. Do you have it mounted up in one place or do you have it where you can move it around? I was thinking keeping it portable might be the best idea that way I could put some...
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    Which 4x4 Van Conversion Has the Smoothest Ride?

    I really like the Ride of my E350 79 Quadravan. It rides smoother than my Half Ton chevy suburban 4x4
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    Hi-Lift First Responder Jack

    I like it! I'm going to get one.
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    First Time Poster Hello

    Well I was in a car wreck that ruptured my L4/L5 disk. it cause me to get nerve damage of both weakness and pain in both legs with a drop foot in my left foot. I had surgery but do to an Arthritic Condition they could not replace the disk and just kind of cleaned up the mess. I have Moderate...
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    Water Storage

    Sounds like a great idea. I was going to put a PVC pipe tube on my roof for holding fishing poles. I could have that on one side and a water tank on the other. Being up high Gravity Flow would make it really nice and easy too.