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  1. PMA4x4

    M116 Military Trailer Build

    Ok, it looks like a trailer build is back on! Amongst a massive trade and ending up with just shy of 3 pallets of Hummer wheels I also ended up with a 1992 M116A3 flatbed utility trailer. when the trailer was first offered i thought I should see what the wife thinks. I talked with her and...
  2. PMA4x4

    '89-'91 Suburban/K5 Blazer LMC Headlight and Wiring Upgrade Write Up with Pics

    I had this write up over on a few other forums so I thought I would post it up here to share with the Chevy/GMC guys here. I found LMC had the headlight upgrades that were actual glass with metal housings. They also offered a wiring harness upgrade. Now I had done this on my Jeep in the past...
  3. PMA4x4

    Looking for pics of factorydual battery cable routing for 80s Chevy.

    Spent most of yesterday reading and trying to find some pics of a factory dual battery setup in a '87 or older truck or suburban (non specific). I chose 87 or older as dual batteries seemed more popular then. I have a 1991 1500 Suburban and I have two raised molded bosses on top of my fan...
  4. PMA4x4

    H1 hummer 16.5 Double Beadlock wheels and Balancing Questions

    Ok, I know there have been some threads and articles on recentering a used H1 wheel and then using it on the street. Some have claimed no problem, most noticed a balance issue The thing is every thread and article I found on them whether at Expo Portal or CK5 or else where the users had military...
  5. PMA4x4

    Need a dimension from a Warn M12000 or M15000 winch

    Need some help here I am looking for a total width dimension of a Warn M12000 or M15000 Winch. I need it from left to right case end to case end WITHOUT the control box mounted on the winch. The dimensional image that Warn has shows overall width with the control box mounted. I think its like a...
  6. PMA4x4

    Calling all Suburban Owners new and old. load carrying info needed.

    I am looking at doing a small lift on my 91 suburban and I am stuck between leaving the tension shackle and just getting taller springs or switching to a compression shackle. The benefits of the tension (factory style) shackle is it is suppose to allow you to load up with out it sagging. What...
  7. PMA4x4

    Project MULE - Expedition build on a 1991 1500 4x4 Suburban

    With a bit of nudging (thanks eclipse85k10) I thought I would start a good old build thread. The plan is to build a expedition rig that maintains its creature comforts, holds all that we need and can even be slept in on a regular basis if needed. Basically think of the amenitys you get with a...
  8. PMA4x4

    INFO WANTED: Lifted Suburbans or Fullsize blazers looking for some suspension info.

    We just picked up a really nice condition bone stock 91 suburban 1500 with a 350TBI 4x4. we are aiming for a 4" lift but I am not sure whether to go with a shackle reversal or just get 4" springs for the rear. I am wondering what all have you done to your rigs 2", 4", 6", springs, blocks...
  9. PMA4x4

    We are looking at getting a Xterra for an expo vehicle General input wanted.

    So the wife and I are considering a Xterra as a option. Right now a '02-'04 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4.7 v8 is our fallback vehicle. I would like to find out some things regarding the Xterra Main use will be expedition cross country just in North America will tow a AT Chaser trailer and run...
  10. PMA4x4

    Chaser trailer measurement needed

    I have looked and It appears I cant find the number I am looking for. I am trying to find measurements off of an AT Chaser trailer. The distance from the rear bumper to the center line of the axles? I am building a trailer and I am curious where those axles are set at.