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  1. dbrinkmann

    SOLD: Tembo Tusk Adventure Skottle

    Tembo Tusk Adventure Skottle used only a handful of times. Does not include the stove but does include the metal adapter to hook it in. Link to the stove is below if you don't have one already. $200 shipped in continental USA Skottle -...
  2. dbrinkmann

    SOLD: Pair of amber / yellow 12V 90W Fog / Driving light, similar to Baja Designs LP9

    Pair of amber / yellow 12V 90W Fog / Driving light, similar to Baja Designs LP9. This is for a pair (2 lights). 7200 lumens each. Combo / spot / flood pattern. Also includes a daytime driving light mode. Includes mounting hardware. Does not include wiring harness or switch. was going to mount...
  3. dbrinkmann

    Added a detachable table to my drawer system

    Added this detachable table to the drawer face. Takes about 1 second to attach / detach and ridiculously sturdy. Used Richlite (what epicurean makes their fancy cutting boards out of) for the table material as it is pretty much indestructible and heat resistant to 350 degrees. What do you think?
  4. dbrinkmann

    WTB: James Baroud Evasion or Space model near Denver

    Looking to buy a James Baroud Evasion or Space hardshell RTT, ideally near the Denver area. No XXL models, I don't have that kind of space on top :) Prefer Evasion model over space for for the right price I'd make an exception.
  5. dbrinkmann

    Range Rover P38 Arnott Gen III, Gen II, EAS Buddy Box, misc parts

    Selling some barely used Arnott Gen III air springs. I warrantied the ones I had for years and had these installed for about 750 miles before changing my mind and converting to springs. Only a few months old and in near new condition. Also for sale is a EAS Buddy Box, 2 Arnott Gen II air...
  6. dbrinkmann

    Type A personality storage build

    I've been working on this for a few months now and I'm almost complete. I built it such that it would fit in a Toyota 4Runner and I'm pretty sure it would also fit in 4 door JK. Still to come is fastening to the plate I have in the back of my Land Rover, building drawer faces, finding mesh...
  7. dbrinkmann

    WTB: Range Rover P38 locker or TrueTrac for front axle

    Looking for a locker for the front differential on a 99 RR P38. Installing an Ashcroft on the rear with 4.10 gears. Will consider a LSD option as well...TrueTrac.
  8. dbrinkmann

    Fabric RTT wind deflector

    I've seen this discussed on one other thread but it doesn't appear anyone has tried it yet. I'm looking to construct a wind deflector out of sunbrella type fabric. Doesn't need to be very complex, just a lot of sewing straps to the fabric to withstand the wind / forces. Was thinking i'd run the...
  9. dbrinkmann

    Normal engine coolant temp

    I have been using torque (android app) to check my engine coolant temp (1999 Range Rover p38 4.6 Bosch) via obdII port. I have a new radiator, new thermostat, and new coolant. I'm curious what other see as a normal temp when driving? I range between 201 and 206 F. It seems high since the...