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  1. Vans-are-freedom

    Should I spend the money On my High top Camper or My Quadravan for beach use.

    Here is my Dilemma, and I know it has been discussed before but I have a very specific set of circumstances here. I have a 79 Quadravan that is total bear bones but needs a New Carb. I have a 82 Hightop Camper van that is fully equipped for camping and travel but is only 2wd I have moved close...
  2. Vans-are-freedom

    Don't forget to change your PCV Valve!

    My Quadravan started using a lot of oil and running really hot. I remember back years ago that I had a car that started using a lot of Oil after the PCV valve went bad so I put a new one and and right away. My Idle went back to normal, It has been running cooler and I'm expecting it to use...
  3. Vans-are-freedom

    Tote Gote: whos got one?

    Who has a tote gote. I got one as a basket case and I'm putting it back together so I can haul it on the back of my Van so I can tool around the campsite or in worse case situation where I break down go for help. I just need to get a Throttle and a break cable and hook up the belts oh and a...
  4. Vans-are-freedom

    First Time Poster Hello

    Hello, I just found this place. I'm looking for people in the Pacific Northwest to talk to. I would really like to get out on some trails and see the country. I'm a newbie but I just got a 1979 Ford Quadravan. Needs to be smooth trails though because of my Chronic Back Pain but I'd sure...