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  1. krick3tt

    Sun roof Rattle.

    I keep the screen closed and no rattles otherwise it makes noise.
  2. krick3tt

    Watches - ExPo Style

    I have a $29 watch from Timex and it doesn't have that little window with the date in it, but is set in a 24 hour face. I get a new one every four years as I really beat them up.
  3. krick3tt

    Solution needed for no-rattle dish/cup/silverware storage

    Old wash clothes between pots, paper plates over the metal plates, and all the kitchen stuff is in individual transparent totes from Bed 'n Bath and Cub boxes from Front Runner in the drawers. Seems nothing really rattles except the exhaust pipe under the Rover.
  4. krick3tt

    Sleeping bag or duvet?

    I use a sleeping bag but often open it to use as a blanket as the foam pad I sleep on is quite insulated so sleeping is quite comfortable even when it is cold (40 deg F). I don't camp in the winter. I used an old sheet and sewed it to make a cover for the pad. Keeps the pad clean.
  5. krick3tt

    Do's and Don'ts

    don't dress them in camo, you can lose them really easy.
  6. krick3tt

    Lets talk shovels

    Try this one.
  7. krick3tt

    The "Expedition hat" thread

    I have a hat with the ventilated sides that I wore for a safari in Africa and it served me well there. Had it so long it escapes me where I got it.
  8. krick3tt

    The "Expedition hat" thread

    My Stetson is black and really not the best for summer wear also so a lighter color would be better and a wider brim for summer.
  9. krick3tt

    The "Expedition hat" thread

    Thanks. That's what I have been looking for. I'll be getting one of those soon.
  10. krick3tt

    Harbor Freight Jack Stands Recalled for Risk of Collapsing

    I have purchased many things at HF and when paying I am always asked if I would like the additional warranty for a cost. Often that cost is very close to the price of the item. I have always declined the additional warranty. The items have always lasted far past the even additional warranty...
  11. krick3tt

    DMOS Elite Shovel Review

    When I expressed my amazement that it was $300 the initial thought was what can it do that a $30 shovel can't. How light it may be is no issue as a shovel is as heavy as what is being shoveled, right? What it is made of is not as important as how long it will last getting beat on a rescue...
  12. krick3tt

    DMOS Elite Shovel Review

    $300 for a shovel ?
  13. krick3tt

    New Mexico - La Mosca Lookout and El Malpais NM

    Great photos, thanks for your share.
  14. krick3tt

    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    I made an assumption that this section of the forum was to be devoted to Land Rovers and yet I find constant insertions that espouse distain for them and applause for other vehicle brands. Please confine praise of non LR vehicles to their devoted sections. This rage against the LR is unseemly...
  15. krick3tt

    Best Safari style shirt for Expedition and Casual wear

    Checked out Akubra hats. Brim is too small, 3.25 inches just doesn't cut it. Looking for at least 5 inches in the brim, in a felt hat.
  16. krick3tt

    Smaller camp stoves?

    The one for cooking The one for coffee in the morning trying to...
  17. krick3tt

    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    I have 18's w/ 33 tires on my 07 LR and it does get higher (more clearance) with the touch of a button. Can't see why there are so many complaints about the new Defenders. If you don't like them don't buy them.
  18. krick3tt

    Charcoal storage bag

    Drifta ships to US, I have bought from them.
  19. krick3tt

    Propane Storage

    I keep one small green tank in the Cub box inside my Front Runner pull out drawer that is used for my single stove for coffee. Have started using a Coleman small stove (kerosene) for coffee in the am so beginning to not carry them, also where to dispose of them? For the propane camp fire I...