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  1. 94-RUNNER


    I have asked many times never even to get a response other than we are working on it or we are talking to some people about it and then it dies out and no more is to be heard of it again ! Are we ever or will we ever see any Tee shirts with the EXPO LOGO on it for sale ? Just a yes or no would...
  2. 94-RUNNER

    1994 Toyota 4 Runner Clutch Kit for 3.0

    O K, I KNOW THAT YOU ALL WILL SAY SEARCH. I did and came up with al kinds of things that really didn't help at all. I am needing to replace my clutch assy (clutch,plate,bearings,& flywheel) What my question is does anyone have and experience with Marlin-Crawler assy's. Have had good success with...
  3. 94-RUNNER

    WTB: LC80 Rear Coil Springs

    Looking for a set of stock rear coils from a LC80 that are in good shape for the rear of my 4-Runner. :D Thanks in advance, Tucker
  4. 94-RUNNER

    FJ-40 on Craiglist Not mine but a nice ride for someone. ......Tucker