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  1. NoDak

    Window tint

    If you are that spun up on a traffic stop it was absolutely time for you to leave the job.
  2. NoDak

    Why no Ram 1500 Builds!

    That's because the turret is 20 friggin feet up on those and its like riding the end of a whip antenna! I preferred the M1114 even if it wasn't as protected.
  3. NoDak

    Thoughts: best Toyota pick up

    Does that Tacoma have a full floating rear axle? Edit: I mean the one in the pic you attached.
  4. NoDak

    Why are other full size SUV's not used in overlanding/offroading as often as Forerunner/Landcruiser?

    My old S10 could do that too if I put those same dump truck spring packs in it. Wow.
  5. NoDak

    Best Aggressive All Terrain or Mild Mud Terrain Tire?

    One tire has 3-ply sidewalls consisting of three 1000 denier polyester plies. The next tire has 2-ply sidewalls both of 1500 denier polyester...which is stronger?
  6. NoDak

    Suggestions requested I'll gladly carry a 7 pound lump of metal around so I don't have to watch a family member be mauled by a bear.
  7. NoDak

    Suggestions requested

    Shade. Your entire post #16, was pot stirring. Don't bother responding again. Back on topic. Unless something has changed recently you can bring a shotgun into Canada for defense against bears. Some places the local Canadian authority won't let you venture out without a long gun. Bear spray is...
  8. NoDak

    Suggestions requested

    Almost every thread I read you are in it just stirring the pot.
  9. NoDak

    2004 Toyota Sequoia - Building a Family Snow Cruiser

    Does it have air suspension in the rear? Bilstein doesn't make a shock that will work with the rear airbags. Not enough dampening. Might explain why it only has fronts.
  10. NoDak

    Hydraulic Winch

    Never had to use one but our Humvees were equipped with the Mile Marker hydraulic winches so I have looked them over quite a bit. They run off the power steering pump.
  11. NoDak

    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    Don't forget the exhaust manifold issue on the 2UZ-FE in the 4th gen 4Runner. Toyota failed fixing mine the first time then refused to work on it anymore after my replacement set cracked again a year later. Took aftermarket parts, a speed shop and $6,000 to fix it right.
  12. NoDak

    What do you use for a truck gun?

    I've seen that particular line of stupidity a few times on different forums. It's still stupid.
  13. NoDak

    What do you use for a truck gun?

    I use my LMT M4 carbine for my daily truck gun. My Marlin 336 30-30 goes with if I'm by myself cruising around through the grasslands or sand hills.
  14. NoDak

    F150 with the Heavy Duty Payload Package?

    That fancy stuff adds weight and cuts into payload defeating the whole point of the HD payload package.
  15. NoDak

    Mount “ditch spots” on tow hooks? / legality / clamps?

    Where I live they are legal. I'm not about to let someone from another country tell me otherwise. Stop trying.
  16. NoDak

    Mount “ditch spots” on tow hooks? / legality / clamps?

    Enforcing what law? those lights are legal here. The law allows them even if you dont want them to be. Edit: Yes I know as the law omits a height requirement for spots unlike the driving or fogs. Which is why I can have cowl mounted ditch lights on my truck.
  17. NoDak

    Mount “ditch spots” on tow hooks? / legality / clamps?

    That was pulled straight from ND DOT Vehicle code. No need for interpretation or talk of defending anything in court. Its legal here.
  18. NoDak

    Mount “ditch spots” on tow hooks? / legality / clamps?

    ND STATE 39-21-17. Spot lamps and auxiliary lamps. 1. Spot lamps. Any motor vehicle may be equipped with not to exceed two spot lamps and every lighted spot lamp must be so aimed and used so that no part of the high-intensity portion will strike the windshield, or any windows, mirror, or...
  19. NoDak

    Rivan - Tank Turn

    Who cares. People do that already with conventional steering.
  20. NoDak

    So is a '9000' class winch 'enough' for a 6500# Suburban

    I've read that recommended is 1.5x the GVWR. I've been looking at winches and hidden mounts for my F150 and with a GVWR of 7600lbs I'll be looking at 12000lb winches. Your burb is probably close to that.