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  1. moderndaynorseman

    I do have the plans still and am happy to share them! Send me a pm and we can talk some more...

    I do have the plans still and am happy to share them! Send me a pm and we can talk some more about it.
  2. moderndaynorseman

    AdventureTaco - turbodb's build and adventures

    Here's hoping those cracks don't come back! What I've seen other people do is drill out each point/end of the crack, grind out the length of it, and then fill weld it, but I don't know how well that would work on sheet metal (if at all.) Drilling out the ends helps to stop the crack itself as...
  3. moderndaynorseman

    Post up your drawer/storage system

    You could use velcro pads in the corners for the best of both worlds. Stays down during use but still removable for cleaning.
  4. moderndaynorseman

    LATEST PROJECT - Truck Drawers/Sleeping Platform

    I had sent you a private message back in January but never got a reply, so just checking in to see if the drawers are still up for grabs.
  5. moderndaynorseman

    Utilize spare tire location

    That is super cool, I might look into that myself once I get a swingout bumper and can move my spare there.
  6. moderndaynorseman

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    How do you like your winch mount? I'm thinking of getting one myself in the mean time before I commit to a full bumper. I was looking at one from Dezert Runner offroad, but my plans to pick one up on a trip were interrupted for the foreseeable future by COVID canceling that trip.
  7. moderndaynorseman

    Kootenay's Pro4X Frontier

    I am also very interested in seeing how you like the Coastal Offroad rear bumper as I am considering going the same route for my Frontier.
  8. moderndaynorseman

    1998.5 Dodge Ram CTD - Sally

    Looking forward to what you come up with, I've always liked the low lift/big tires look and better ride dynamics inherent in the design.
  9. moderndaynorseman

    Goodyear Duratrac's on Frontier?

    I run Duratracs on my '07 Frontier, no issues whatsoever with noise on the road and they perform really well off road. I had Duratracs on my last truck as well, so it's safe to say that I like them a fair bit. My only complaints with them are that they do get ever so slightly noisier as they...
  10. moderndaynorseman

    Babe the Blue Ox - Supercharged 2000 Frontier Build + Adventures

    I'm with jhberria on the flatbed build idea, totally something I'd do if I was in the same boat.
  11. moderndaynorseman

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    A few updates since my first post. Got a canopy to keep stuff dry until I get around to doing the bed rack/rtt sometime next summer. After that I went about replacing the factory stereo with something more modern to get bluetooth functionality, upgrading the speakers at the same time, along...
  12. moderndaynorseman

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    I'm up in Alberta, so it can get pretty cold for several months at a time in winter. I'm fairly mechanically savvy, so a yearly seal replacement on shocks/coilovers would not really bother me if the performance was high enough.
  13. moderndaynorseman

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Good to know on the DK lower arms. Sounding like it's just the knuckles to look at from them. I saw a few posts over on club frontier talking about plating stock Titan lower arms to beef them up, so I may go that route. Any advice on coilovers? Part of me says don't waste time and go straight...
  14. moderndaynorseman

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    My plan was full Titan swap, rear axle and front diff included. The rear axle will take a bit of modification to do (moving leaf spring perches and possibly shock mounts) and I might get the rear 4 linked at that same time, haven't decided yet. Probably go with stock Titan parts for the short...
  15. moderndaynorseman

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Just picked up this 2007 Frontier Nismo. Nothing done yet, but there are big plans for it. Titan swap w/ 34's, bumpers/sliders/skids, bed rack for a RTT... Should be a fun build!
  16. moderndaynorseman

    Overlanding pop up camper

    Rad. I'm up in Edmonton, so not a far drive to come grab one when they're up and running.
  17. moderndaynorseman

    Overlanding pop up camper

    Would you ever consider doing rental units for people to try out before buying?
  18. moderndaynorseman

    Truck bed rack, open storage

    There are companies out there that make racks designed to be used at the same time as a canopy/camper shell (Kargo Master for example) and I'm having one built by a fabricator in my area out of aluminum as I need the canopy for the secure vertical space it gives since I also have a short box.
  19. moderndaynorseman

    2005 F-450 4x4 Utility Body w/ Starcraft Pine Mountain Lonestar Pop-top Camper

    I hate to be that guy but if it freezes into a sheet of ice and comes flying off while driving, it could get someone really badly hurt or even killed if it causes an accident. It only takes a few minutes to make sure that your rig won't pose a safety risk to other people on the road.
  20. moderndaynorseman

    On board air VS Portable compressor VS Powertank/CO2

    It's been a decent vehicle so far. Here's the most recent picture I have of it, right after getting a bumper made. I moved the coolant overflow/windshield washer tanks (passenger side of the bumper) not long after since they were pretty exposed. I've also gotten new headlights since this was...