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  1. CoyoteThistle

    Pro-Rig V2.0 - Home Built Compact Composite Pop-up

    Well, I'm about six months in to this build and progress has been slow but steady. Here's how it looks as of about a week ago: It's (obviously) a slide in. It will be a double pop-up - the structure on the foreground in the photos is the hard-sided part of the pop-up (upside down). It will...
  2. CoyoteThistle

    Heated Floor Mats - Anyone Tried One?

    I've been looking for a low-cost option for heating my little camper. I've been looking at the various propane options but due to my confined space, I'd be forever worried about knocking something over and burning down my rig. Since my camper is soft-sided and wont hold much heat anyway, I...
  3. CoyoteThistle

    New Member - Unique(?) Expedition Rig

    Hi all. Been lurking around the site for quite some time. Finally getting around to introducing myself and our expedition vehicle. First off, sincere thanks to everyone who posts info on their rigs and shares advice on travel destinations. This place is an amazing resource and great source of...