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  1. cnutco

    2003 Montero Limited 3.8 started then doesn't start again...

    I didn't have time to look too much into it this morning as I jumped in the car with a neighbor to ride to work, but I started my Montero this morning and then noticed all the warning lights still on in the dash. So then I turned it off to reset and a start again, but this time the engine just...
  2. cnutco

    Rear Brake Lights - Lower GEN3

    Has anyone replaced these on the GEN3 with anything other than another brake light? I have been thinking about making a bracket for a single row LED light to be used as reverse lights. I have recently broke my right lower housing departing a slope with an angle that my big Montero *** could...
  3. cnutco

    Helen Jeep Fest! Helen, Georgia

    Anyone in here going? It started today I think. Trails are tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. cnutco

    Gen3 running rough+ traction on and off lights on.

    Both of these lights seem to come on after the engine warms up and starts to miss fire bad. History... I had Bosch plugs and wires installed a few months ago and it had a miss every once and a while, but now these lights come on and it runs like crap. I have a set of NGK plugs ready to go in...
  5. cnutco

    New additions to my GEN3!

    Welcome to the start of my 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Limited build thread. I will continue to update this first post for ease of following. Here she is from the begining, STOCK. The wish list and the some what order in which it is/was planned to be completed: Replace upper glove box (will...
  6. cnutco

    Gen3 with continued O2 code?

    I have an '03 Limited that I bought from an older couple who never took it of road. This lady kept every receipt for everything she had done to the truck. Anyway she had all O2 sensors replaced sometime before I bought it. I have had the truck for about 6 months now and have not done too much...