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  1. TommyG

    Recommendations for Stand Up Paddle Board?

    I am an land locked surfer and can't get to the ocean often anymore. Considering picking up a stand up paddle board as we are frequently traveling to places where I could jump in a lake or river and go for a paddle. I would also like to be able to take it out on a calm or small day and play in...
  2. TommyG


    4 Q Towers, 2 58 inch load bars, 4 lock cores with keys. The clips that are on it were for my 2006 Toyota Tundra Double Cab. The clips can be changed to fit your specific vehicle. Bars have old pads on from my surfboards and will be included if you want them. Sun fade on the plastic as...
  3. TommyG


    Could not find a thread on this. Apologies if I did not search the correct terms. I am interested in securing and learning to use a CAD or 3D modeling program. I don't have any previous drafting experience so I will be learning from scratch. Sketchup and some others have been suggested to me...