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    Sceptor can leaks when I pour

    What am I doing wrong?! On the right is my tried and true NATO can of which I have three with the various spouts I use of which I might get a drop or two out of the all metal cheesy one. On the left is one of my newer sceptor cans with a commercial spout that flows slower and leaks like hell...
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    Scored a fridge! Norcold TEK II

    Norcold tek 2 640c for 200$ Now tell me all About it and how bad I effed up. So far it seems to be running well and looks very similar to an Engel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NATO can spout craziness

    So I got a bug in my crack that there has to be a better/faster way to get gas out of the can. This part in particular drove me nuts. So it was heated and twisted and finally gave up. I tooled over to the hardware store and cobbled together this. thought I was pretty handy until a neighbor...
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    For sale 5 ton swivel snatch block

    80$ face to face in south or east SF bay. Great shape weighs at least 25# Willing to ship on buyers dime Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Spotted today in Hollister

    Guy said he bought it in the early 90's from the forest service and that he's basically redone everybody thing and loves it.
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    FS Sigtronics headsets (2) 120$+shipping

    Was putting an intercom system together for a rock crawler buddy. Project got scrapped. 120$ plus shipping from 95023. Thank you!
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    Premier power welder 250$

    SOLD! Thank you expo! :)
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    FS/trade two xantrex inverters FP1000

    Pulled off ambulances these work great but I decided to change some stuff so I don't need them. Specs - These are HEAVY! No shipping! I want the buyer to hook them up before I go if possible...