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    Re Earthroamer Lti

    It is a CZONE controller. The EarthRoamer HD's have been using CZONE for a couple of years. According to the owners, this is a fantastic control system that is simple to use, reliable, and integrates all of the electronics.
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    Earthroamer: new tire/wheel/suspension

    Have used the system for a total of 7 years with heavy use on 2 different trucks. No problems whatsoever.
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    Two Rivian R1T being tested down in Tierra Del Fuego

    This will be on Apples new streaming service.
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    New Carbon Fiber EarthRoamer

    I believe that total weight savings will be 1000 + pounds.
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    New Carbon Fiber EarthRoamer

    Link below:
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    Extreme use Earthroamer

    I have had a ER in all of those locations for weeks on end. There have been multiple ER's up in the Yukon, Arctic Circle and Alaska this summer. Their will be ER's headed to Mexico/Baja and Central America this Fall and Winter. Great vehicles and wonderful service provided by ER.
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    Ready to make larger committment, seeking ideas

    I think you should look at a new Tiger or a used Earthroamer. Enough size to be comfortable and host guests, and capable of getting you to campsites that most others can't get too.
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    Any owner of a Earthroamer in the San Jose, Ca area

    It’s worth a plane ticket to go visit the factory outside Denver. They will have used vehicles for you to look at as well as a factory tour. Good fun!
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    Overland Recovery Gear We Use & How We Pack It in The Garage Area In Our GXV Turtle

    Having a similar background as you, as well as a large expedition vehicle. I always carry a good shovel, actual maxtrax type traction boards, and a tow rope in addition to the equipment that you are currently carrying. I have used my winch, as well as the items listed above on more than one...
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    Researching motorcycle lift/carrier for an OEV.

    I had Adventure Trailer build a motorcycle trailer for my motos. I have trailered two GSA’s for many consecutive days off road with out any problems or limitations.
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    continental mpt81 feedback?

    The tire lasts 15,000-20,000miles with rotation every 5000 miles.
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    Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...

    It’s great following along!
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    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    Is the top picture along the river on the White Rim Trail? Beautiful photos!
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    Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...

    Great videos Tim and Kelsey!
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    Scott Brady’s weekend with an Earthcruiser

    Great write up Scott! Earthcruiser really builds a fanatic Overland vehicle.
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    New Photos of the Earthroamer XV-HD ahead of SEMA

    2006 and 2008, Country Coach was the conversion company. I used them for work, when working long term in one location. They were ok as stationary apartments, but constantly required work and repairs. Pretty to look at, but the quality was/is lacking.
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    New Photos of the Earthroamer XV-HD ahead of SEMA

    Why? Generally, the ideal cursing speed of these vehicles is in the 50-60 MPH range. I live in the four corners and see at least a dozen of these vehicles a year crawling down the highway or creeping up a pass. In North America its not ideal for cross continent travel. Along with the fact that...
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    New Photos of the Earthroamer XV-HD ahead of SEMA

    Having the pleasure, or quite honestly, the displeasure of owning two "$900,000" chassis buses, and putting close to 75,000 miles on these vehicles. They are pure junk. The electronics, plumbing, cabinets, are all pitiful. They drive even worse. There is NO comparison to the quality of a ER...