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    FJ60 roof rack clamps

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    Costco has a RTT

    Might be because they are stuck.
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    off-brand awnings?

    I have one of these...
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    Small, low-power evaporative cooler

    Portable Evap cooler for sale I have one for sale
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    Trifold mattress I have one of these in Willys SW. Love it. I would go with 3" if I were to do it again. My 4" is great though. The cover is zippered so one can trim to width as I did...
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    Tent Air Conditioner

    Mighty Kool I have one of these for sale. . Go to the website. There is a pix a child sleeping while being cooled with a Mighty Kool.
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    Anybody place electric break controller on their jeep

    breaks? break brāk/ verb 3rd person present: breaks 1. separate or cause to separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain. "the rope broke with a loud snap" synonyms: shatter, smash, crack, snap, fracture, fragment, splinter, fall to bits, fall to pieces; More...
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    Shafter Trail - Scary Ride. But beautiful

    The "Shafer" trail seem to always get a wide range of reactions from travelers. Some say they will never do it again, other don't even mention the the switchback section.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Willys at Coyote Buttes South 1960 Willys at Pawhole, Coyote Buttes South
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    Waeco Fridge/ 35ah AGM/ 100w PV System

    Thanks, Willys is an adventure in its self. I found Waeco/Dometic CD-30 on Craigdlist, lucky find. Marine shops are the best place to find them usually.
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    Waeco Fridge/ 35ah AGM/ 100w PV System

    I am posting this as a point of reference for others who may use similar setups. I just got back from a 4 day trip to Arizona/Utah border. Total of 600 mi round trip. We camped for 3 days/nights using only solar/35ah battery that ran the fridge and lights and cell phone chargers. The PV module...
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    12v Mighty Kool Swamp cooler

    Yes, It is the Mighty Kool same as MK3.
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    $1000 94 Toyota Landcruiser Money Pit?

    This one has not been well cared for. Now I see one in running condition for $1500, so I will be patient and find one in better shape.
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    $1000 94 Toyota Landcruiser Money Pit?

    I will repair the engine myself. But are these available in running condition for under $2000? A money pit is spending more than it is worth.
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    12v Mighty Kool Swamp cooler

    12v/Solar Mighty Kool evaporative cooler w/extra cooler pad Good Condition $150.
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    $1000 94 Toyota Landcruiser Money Pit?

    How deep a money pit can a 94 FJ 80 be? It is complete, was registered and running last week. Has at least a blown head gasket, No rust, faded paint on hood and roof. 205k miles.
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    Fulltiming with an Engel and solar

    The oldtimer was living in his camper, so he needed a freezer for longer time food storage. So this arrangement worked well for him. May not be the best in other situations.
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    Fulltiming with an Engel and solar

    Last year I met an oldtimer in Death Valley. He was living full time out of his old Toyota Hilux/camper shell. The camper shell was custom made, but was still not quite a full fledged camper. It had single size bunk running down one side and an Engel fridge, stove and storage down the other. He...
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    Low cost drawer rollers

    The cons of this roller is the 1" of vertical space lost to mount the roller below the drawer. My drawer rests on the tail gate when fully extended.