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    Buildaholic... 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 Rocky Ridge Alpine edition.

    Well... Totally new to this stuff. I have no idea where its headed. I have lots of experience with outdoor activities; dirt biking, dual Sporting, backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, you name it. I've always been infatuated with over landing and I love vehicle "builds". I've kitted out my...
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    All aluminum trailer / spray on bed liner

    I have a Livinlite VRV all aluminum 7X20 toy hauler. The interior floor is simply aluminum and gets quite cold. I put down the 2'X2' foam puzzle block squares which help a lot. However, I was thinking of getting it rhino lined or perhaps spraying it myself with the canned liner spray. I have...
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    12V fresh water filter/pump.

    Does anybody sell a 12V filter/pump combo? I'm looking for something that plugs into a cigarette lighter, has a pump and filter with 20'-30' of hose that I can throw one end into a creek or lake and the other end use to fill fresh water tanks. There's got to be a company out there that makes...
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    Expedition Truck Caps

    Has anyone here converted a truck cap into a camper? I've been looking at the A.R.E. tall caps with the rear door. Roof top tent? Slide out kitchen? Is there a thread out there I'm missing? PA Slammer
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    Yakima Gear Basket for sale! southwest PA.

    Need more storage area for those crazy weekends? I only used it a couple times, (got kids now that are keeping me from those long weekends climbing and boating). Anyway, gives a ton a extra room for gear. Would be great for off-roading as well, as it would carry tires, jacks, ramps, whatever you...